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What is your top 20 most favorite fighters of all time?

Mine are:

1. Juan Manuel Marquez

2. Manny Pacquiao

3. Arturo Gatti

4. Sergio Martinez

5. Oscar De La Hoya

6. Sugar Ray Leonard

7. Marco Antonio Barrera

8. Salvador Sanchez

9. Micky Ward

10. Carlos Monzon

11. Juan LaPourte

12. Joe Fraizer

13. Chris John

14. Erick Morales

15. Glen Johnson

16. Marcos Maidana

17. Thomas Hearns

18. Mike Tyson

19. Jose Luis Castillo

20. Sugar Ray Robinson

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    I will give a top 30,since i will also name 5 boxers who never turned professionals and 5 Ancient legendary boxers as well.Plus i would like to add that i wonder why we never talk Ancient Boxing in here,there are some totally legendary stories about ancient Olympic boxing :)

    Top 20 modern professional boxers : (this top 20 could change next month or so)

    Laszlo Papp

    Marcel Cerdan

    Joe Calzaghe

    Vitali Klitschko

    Wladimir Klitschko

    Duilio Loi

    Manny Pacquiao

    Georges Carpentier

    Marcel Thil

    Anton Christoforidis (first Greek professional boxing champ ever)

    Rocky Marciano

    Willie Pep

    Harry Greb

    Roberto Duran

    Carlos Monzon

    Nicolino Locche

    Julio César Chávez

    Jimmy Wilde

    Benny Lynch

    Kostya Tszyu

    Top 5 amateur who never turned Pros :

    Boris Lagutin

    Oleg Saitov

    Jerzy Kulej

    Aleksei Tishchenko

    Roberto Cammarelle

    Top 5 Ancient Boxing legends




    Onomastos (only record boxer in the history of humankind with over 1000 wins recorded)

    Melankomas ( a recorded resume of 379 wins and no loss,enough said)

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  • 9 years ago

    My Favorites:

    1.Oscar De La Hoya

    2.Manny Pacquiao

    3.Joe Calzalghe

    4.Edwin Valero

    5.Amir Khan

    6.Miguel Angel Cotto

    7.Mike Tyson

    8.Nonito Donaire

    9.Juan Manuel Lopez

    10.Roy Jones

    11.Roberto Duran

    12.Muhammad Ali

    13.Sugar Ray Robinson

    14.Rocky Marciano

    15.Erik Morales

    16.Juan Manuel Marquez

    17. Fernando Montiel

    18.Julio Cesar Chavez

    19.Floyd Mayweather Jr

    20.Henry Armstrong

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    1a. Floyd Patterson

    1b. Evander Holyfield

    2. Mike Tyson

    3. Marvin Hagler

    4. Pernell Whitaker

    5. Thomas Hearns

    6. George Foreman

    7. Muhammad Ali

    8. Joe Louis

    9. Julian Jackson

    10. Gerald McClellan

    11. Chris Eubank

    12. Nigel Benn

    13. Larry Holmes

    14. Sonny Liston

    15. Jersey Joe Walcott

    16. Sugar Ray Robinson

    17. Ezzard Charles

    18. Joe Frazier

    19. Emile Griffith

    20. Rocky Marciano

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  • Sean G
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    10 years ago

    1. Muhammad Ali

    2. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    3. Sugar Ray Leonard

    4. Roy Jones Jr.

    5. Felix Trinidad

    6. Mike Tyson

    7. Wilfred Benitez

    8. Bernard Hopkins

    9. Hector "Macho" Camacho

    10. Mike Spinks

    11. Sugar Shane Mosley

    12. Paulie Malinaggi

    13. Gary Russell Jr

    14. Pernell Whittaker

    15. Marvin Hagler

    16. Zab Judah

    17. Winky Wright

    18. Kevin Kelley

    19. Chris John

    20. Chris Byrd

    Source(s): I picked all fighters from my lifetime that I actually rooted for. If I when of all time I would have had to add: 1) Ray Robinson 2) Joe Louis 3)Floyd Patterson 4) Jack Johnson
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  • 10 years ago

    I will probably forget someone but my top 20 favorite fighters of all time are:

    1. Rocky Marciano

    2. Joe Louis

    3. Alexis Arguello

    4. Salvador Sanchez

    5. Evander Holyfield

    6. Harry Greb

    7. Gene Tunney

    8. Archie Moore

    9. Willie Pep

    10. Joe Frazier

    11. Carlos Monzon

    12. Roberto Duran

    13. Carmen Basillio

    14. James J. Braddock

    15. Vitali Klitschko and Vladimir Klitschko

    16. Laszlo Papp

    17. Marvin Hagler

    18. Max Baer

    19. Henry Armtrong

    20. Manny Pacquiao

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  • ?
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    3 years ago

    In No particular order Nirvana, The Flaming Lips, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, The Pixies, Jimmy consume worldwide, The Strokes, Oasis, Blur, The White Stripes, Foo warring parties, The Killers, Queen, pink Floyd, The Killers, David Bowie, Weezer, Radiohead, The Presidents of the country, Lazlo Bane

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  • 10 years ago

    i'll only choose boxers who were active in my lifetime (1969 onward).

    in no particular order;

    1 tommy hearns

    2 ray leonard

    3 khaosai galaxy

    4 barry mc guigan

    5 azumah nelson

    6 evander holyfield

    7 muhammad ali

    8 george foreman

    9 brian mitchell

    10 frank bruno

    11 nigel benn

    12 chris eubank

    13 sumbu kalambay

    14 mike mc callum

    15 simon brown

    16 julio cesar chavez sr

    17 jorge paez

    18 salvador sanchez

    19 lloyd honeyghan

    20 carlos monzon

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