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foundation year at universities in the UK?

i'm an american student interested in attending university in england to get my bachelors degree, specifically universities in london. however although i have a high gpa 3.7 out of 4 (grade point average) i did not do well on the SAT (the american standerdized tests that most colleges/universities require) so i am looking into doing a foundation year that way the universities will not need to look at my SAT scores. my only concern is that once i am done with my foundation year will i have to take a standerdized test like an SAT or a prospectus to get into a universities bachelor progamme? for example if i attend kings university in london and i take their foundation year will i then be automatically transfered into the bachelors program if i have good grades or will i need to take a prospectus of SAT even though i did a foundation year?


i'm aware its a waste of my time and money but since my SAt scores aren't great there's really no other way for me to get into the universities.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Universities do not look at SAt scores but to start the first year they lie a minimum of 3AP classes.

    A foundation year is a great idea - the poster who said waste of time is wrong, I think he was talking about a foundation degree which is a different thing. Normally you will be told on enrollment what you need to do to progress, some universities require you to pass all modules / units in the year, some want you to pass a number of units but non will require you to take SAT.

    BTW you will then progress to an honours degree, not a bachelors.

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    10 years ago

    I don't know about King's college specifically, but many UK universities will allow you to take an HNC course, which is a 2 year course that has a lower entry requirement than a degree, and then once you have finished the HNC you can stay on for an extra year to convert that HNC into a full degree in the same subject at the same college.

    The UK has no SAT or equivalent at that level. If you complete a university's foundation program you go through to its standard program. I don't think that all universities recognize each others foundation programs.

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  • 10 years ago

    waste of time

    do proper degree instead

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