i cant hear game sound from my TB x11?

i just got some turtle beach x11s today for my xbox and i plugged it all in right but i cant hear game sound? i can hear chat fine since ive been talking to my friends on it but whenever we go into a game i cant hear any game sound? anybody know whats wrong?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Sounds like the headset is fine, and you need to re-check your connections in the back of your television. Try plugging in the green 3.5mm from the headset into an ipod, to see if it may be a faulty red/white splitter. And contact support@turtlebeach.com they will help you through the problem and replace anything that need be replaced.

  • barcik
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    4 years ago

    Did you regulate your Xbox stay chat settings? it fairly is likewise mentioned rather (in ambitious, i think of) interior the handbook yet you probably did no longer point out it right here. I, too, very own an x11 and have not heard of this subject earlier.. many different issues of chat, like echo, yet no longer any subjects like yours. Oh, and your base unit is became on, magnificent?? G'success. EDIT: I initially mentioned the skill base being became on with the aid of fact i became thinking the X11 became the main modern headset with 7.a million encompass, my mistake. comparable rules word as some distance with the aid of fact the Xbox settings nonetheless nonetheless... in simple terms no longer having to do with on the spot bases. back, I make an apology.

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