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autobiography of a please?

i know i can google it, copy paste and submit..but i want to write it myself.

how do i begin and what all should i include...? any tips? anything...thanks :)

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    You could write a great and imaginative story on this subject. The coin is born in a mint. You could describe in detail how it was made. Then it goes to the Federal Reserve. Then a bank. Then some teller gives it to customer A. Then customer A gives it to store B. Then store B gives it to customer c. It goes on and on. You could make stories about this coin travel ling to Paris, and being given to Jimmy Carter, and then passed on to Lady Gaga and then she gives it to a bum on the street in New York city, and he buys an apple, etc. Any story about buying or selling could use this coin. You could say that John got it in change from the last dollar bill that he had, then as he walked down the street he got shot, and this coin stopped the bullet. You could say that a lady and her baby were trapped out in the snow and ice and this coin helped them pry open the window of her car to save their lives. etc. Just make up stories about people and how they get the coin and what they do with it, and how they spend it.

    Most people get coins as change from stores, museums, airports or transportation, or from a bank. Then they spend them on all kinds of things. People collect coins too, and the rare coins get stolen and displayed in museums and melted down, etc.

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    Yes you can google it,and take ideas from there you are doing it yourself just getting ideas is not cheating. One idea is to think how a coin can travel the world in a persons pocket or in the bottom of a hand bag and then end up at the bottom of a wishing well in a foreign country and the process of how it then is collected taken to the bank and shipped home through the banking system. You can really have fun with this task.

    enjoy and good luck.

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    The Story of Pocky Wocky: "Remind Me Again, Why Am I Doing This"

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    write something that attracts the readers. something like age of coins. etc.

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    whoever told you that is taking the mickey

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