What does Il y a 10 ans mean?

What does Il y a 10 ans in french mean?

Can you make a sentence with it in french with the word chanter?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Il y a 10 ans means 10 years ago

    So a sentence with chanter could be

    Je chantais bien il y a dix ans

    I used to sing well ten years ago

    it could also mean

    I have been singning for 10 years

    Il ya a dix ans que je chante

    Il y a can change meaning when changing context

    Hope this helps!

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    What does Il y a 10 ans mean?

    What does Il y a 10 ans in french mean?

    Can you make a sentence with it in french with the word chanter?

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    Il y a means "There is" in English. But it also can be "It has been...". Il ya 2 heures que nous nageons actually means: it has been 2 hours since we have been swimming. So "Il y a deux heures nous nageons" and "Nous nageons depuis deux heures" mean the same thing. "Il y a dix mois que je demande une augmentation" means : it has been 10 (not 18, 18 is dix-huit) months since i have started asking for a raise. "Il y a deux ans que j'achete mes livres ici" means It has been 2 years since i started buying my books here. Hope i helped!

  • anto
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    9 years ago

    it means ten years ago.

    il y a 10 ans, je n'avais pas l'ouïe très développée et quand j'entendais Prince chanter je le confondais avec Jimi Hendrix.

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    Je vous presente Natasha Hamilton. Elle habite à Thunder Bay. Elle a quinze ans. Le matin, elle se réveille à 8 heures . Elle se lève dix minutes plus tard, à huit heures dix. Elle s'habille dans sa chambre le matin avant de se maquiller. Natasha se maquille avant de quitter la maison pour aller à l'école. Natasha porte des vêtements chics. Elle porte un chandail gris argent magnifique(supérieur does not make sense in French), un jean et des baskets. Avoir: elle a un joli sac she has a nice purse être: elle est trés belle she is beautiful faire: elle fait du sport she practises sport How did you come up with these French sentences not knowing what they mean?

  • 9 years ago

    Il y a means "there is"

    10 ans means "10 years"

    there is ten years really doesn't make grammatical sense.

    make a sentence with it with the word chanter which means "to sing"? i guess, you could say "they have been singing for ten years" ? or "they sing for ten years" which is ils chantent depuis dix ans. e-mail me if you need anything else, i'm not quite sure what you're looking for.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Mais francais est tellment facile d' apprend , et tu peut just google la frase.

    LOL LOL just phrase mean '' It been 10 years''

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