are Beta Israel really Jews also?

I am not racist at all whatsoever. Im just really wondering and curious how did Israel accept Beta Israel as Jews as well? Were there genetic tests that proved so? Did they convert? What about the Falash Mura? Who are they exactly?

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    Beta Israel are Ethiopian Jews. DNA tests have proved that they have little DNA contact with the world outside of Africa and it is likely they originated from within Ethiopia. There is mention of the Beta Israel as Jews from as far back as the 9th century, and throughout history. Jews largely relate Beta Israel to the descendants of the Queen of Sheba from Kush, who visited Solomon, and is likely to have made some ziggy ziggy with him.

    The Falash Mura are descendants of Beta Israel who converted to Christianity. Beta Israel does not consider them to be part of the community, but claimed that they were forced to convert to Christianity and are Jewish by lineage and faith. Israel allowed 6000 of them to immigrate into Israel on humanitarian grounds and did not accept them as Jews. Then Israel halted immigration after the refugee camps in Ethiopia swelled from 10,000 to over 30,000 people, all trying to get a ticket out of the country. Israel said that it cannot accept all of Ethiopia's refugees and thus stopped the Falash Mura immigration.

    The first mention of Beta Israel is from the 9th century. The person who wrote about them claimed they were descendants of the tribe of Dan. In the 15th century a Rabbi that wrote a memoir said he met two Beta Israel in Egypt and that they claimed to be related to the tribe of Dan. Then in the 70's Ovadia Yosef the chief Sephardi Rabbi also claimed they are related to the tribe of Dan.

    Some modern scholars say that Beta Israel were originally a Christian community that started practicing Judaism and viewed themselves as Jews around the 14th century.

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    Genetic tests or not, status as a Jew isn't inherited all the time. Yes, there are many Jews who are Jewish as far back as ancient Israel; however, Judaism at the very least accepts converts into their religion, so they don't have to be from ancient Israel.

    So, they are Jews, irregardless of what any genetic test says. It's interesting, though, if you want to track where the lost tribes might have ended up.

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    The absorption of the Ethiopians into Israeli society marks a different attempt to comprise a nonwhite team as equivalent electorate with finished rights as area of a Western predominantly white country As such it represents an ambitious attempt to disclaim the magnitude of race Israeli government, conscious of the area of maximum African diaspora communities in different Western international places, hosted classes to circumvent placing in kinds of discrimination. The ADL states that Ethiopian Jews at the instant are not experiencing racism: "in spite of Israel's errors in direction of its Ethiopian Jewish community, the reason isn't racism." It explains that "what reasons the misery is official ineptitude and a cultural hollow between a universal community and a renowned, technologically-stepped forward, noticeably-aggressive country."

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    Yes they are Jews

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    if they want to be jews let them

    who are you to judge

    kudos to dean

    ever wise

    like solomon

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