In Florida, re unemployment, how does the state determine how much I would receive?

Do they already have my salary totals on file, or does my former employer have to give them that info?

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    If you have been employed locally for a while they should have your income earnings available and will be able to give you the amount of UI benefits that you would qualify to receive based on your earnings that have been reported to them but to find out and get the correct answer you will have to contact them and ask your question.

    The below information should help get you started in the right direction good luck.


    Welcome to the Unemployment Compensation Program in the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation. Unemployment insurance provides temporary wage replacement benefits to qualified individuals who are out of work through no fault of their own.

    The online website for Florida unemployment insurance benefits is enclosed below

    If you have questions regarding the information provided to you through this website, please call 1-800-204-2418.

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    Employers report your income to unemployment regularly while you're employed, so they have all but the current quarter. The current quarter isn't used most places.

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    it is based on your earnings, and yes your employer has already reported your earnings, the quarter to the past immediate quarter is the test period and they would have had that information if your employer was timely

    there are times the employer is asked to verify the information you submit, of course

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