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be associated with 的問題

be associated with 是什麼意思?

那有 associate with 嗎?


是 be associated with sb. 嗎?

那 be engaged to 人 是離婚的意思

be divorced to 是離婚的意思?


be associated with 也有與...關聯的意思?

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    If you say that someone is associating with another person or group of people, you mean they are spending a lot of time in the company of people you do not approve of.所以be associated with somebody是與某人交往的意思

    If you are associated with a particular oranization, cause, or point of view, or if you associate yourself with it, you asupport it publicly.

    If you associate someone or something with another thing, the two are connected in your mind.

    When two people are engaged, they have agreed to marry each other.

    所以be engaged to某人是與某人訂了婚的意思。如:He was engaged to Miss Julia Maria Boardman.

    Someone who is divorced from their former husband or wife has sparated from them and is no longer legally married to them.


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    對不起第一句的解說處, be associating with誤打成be associated with了.

    be associating with某人,才是與某人交往

    第二句的be associated with xxx 則是公開支持xxx的意思

    Source(s): Collins Cobuild English Dictionary for Advanced Learners 2001 edition
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