What movie is this? Robot thriller?

I'm trying to remember the title of a movie about a robot that was supposed to be a toy and it play fights with you using fake weapons (like plastic knives?) but eventually it learns and starts using real stuff and tries to kill the kid who owns it and his sister or something...I thought it was called Revolver, but I can't find it on IMDB...


Small Soldiers isn't right.

Update 2:

It IS Evolver! Thanks so much! I was ONE letter off! hahha.

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    Evolver (1995)

    starring Ethan Randall (aka Embry), Cassidy Rae, Chance Quinn, Cindy Pickett, John de Lancie, Paul Dooley

    IMDb synopsis:

    A popular virtual-reality video game gets ported to real life, and Kyle, one of the best Evolver players in the United States, gets the opportunity to try playing against a little robot version of the arcade game. However, Evolver is programmed to win at all costs, and the match between Kyle and Evolver gradually becomes a frantic struggle for survival.

    Here's the movie trailer:


    Youtube thumbnail

    I haven't seen this for quite a while. It seems to have disappeared, but I have hopes it will show up on Encore or Starz someday.

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    1 decade ago

    is it called small soldier?? because it fits perfectly

  • 1 decade ago

    small soldiers

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