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why do people hate popular kids?

okay so im wondering why people hate popular kids are they just jealous or what

im popular im really pretty and cute and i dress cute and all that but i dont understand why people are not fond of my friends or my seems as if everyone hates us i dont understand it , were not that rude we just like to have fun and party and were all outgoing. Im not rude and im not a bittttch and i hate drama, also im very smart . so you cant classify me as the dumb blonde popular slut ugh i hate sterotypes. i am a cheerleader too, but people always think im dumb and bitchy just because of sterotypes when acually im smart talented fun energtic outgoing ect.ya i like to go out and have fun and party who doesnt sooo Why do people always hate on us ...???


i never said everyone hates me?my friends get a lot of crap though, but im friends with a lot of people and a lot of people know me thats what i consider popularity and usually once people get to know me theyy love meee(:

Update 2:

lett me make this clear i am nott hated on usually i am well liked and a lot of people like me because i try to be really nice to everyone

Update 3:

ommge dragon whatever thatt cracked me upp...serioouslly but i dont think people cant beat my asss i wouldnt doubt it and we definetaly dont think were better than everyone, and you think your jokes are funny but we might think thier lame and visa versa thats hypocracyyy my friend

Update 4:

lmfao im not bragging this is a real question and your the one who said they were super rich or whatever i never said anything about weath did, so honestly i want to say stfu sorry that was rude but seriously and i dont wear abercrombie???lol popularity and abercrombie this isnt middle school??

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    its watever

    yeah loolll

    i am super rich

    beyond what you abercrombie kid could imagine

    but do you see me braging on here with a question?

    okay i will answer your question. i just hope you can give me best answer. sense i will be giving you actual time and good thought into my answer unlike most posters on here.

    People might hate popular kids simply out of jealousy. know keep this in mind, you can be well known and disliked because of your behavior and actions and in many ways that is jealousy. all the Way the human mind works is amazing, i am a firm beliver, you are the way you are because of how you have grown up. Certain actions, reactions, and certain instances in your life and how you were raised and certain people you have meet have shaped your life to your current mind set. A person growing up in a obese household is way more likely to be obese themselves, suffer from low self esteem, which may infact have kids make fun of them in middle school. and than in High School were that stuff ends, these kids make freinds with other, if you will weird kids.

    know we all know at many HS across america

    you have

    Band Nerds, Orchestra kids, jocks, nerdy jocks, all star jocks- who are the best of the best and are the most popular usually, than you have the jocks who do nothing but consume drugs. you also usually have rich kids at all different schools. know at my last 2 private schools i went to. the kids i guess youd say we are beyond your typical rich. average home in the area or so was 1.5 million dollars to 5 million and a few homes worth more.

    anyhow you also have the cheerleaders

    you have the slutty cheerleaders

    and yes most cheerleaders are not slutty. and in my experience even the slutty one's have standards. they only want Alpha males, star football players or guys who are themselves well known, you cant be a loser.

    a lot of people might hate on cheerleaders and call them sluts out of jealousy, they wish they were outgoing, popular, attractive and had lots of freinds, girls my hate some cheerleaders guys they talk to all the guys that dont give 95% of other girls any attention of the day. and also some guys might hate cheerleaders cause they are to scarred or lack the balls to even attempt getting with a hot chuck. and 1 thing i notice is girls like confident guys

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I Hate Popular Kids

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Popular kids are well liked which makes them popular. Just because you are well know it doesn't mean you are popular. There are plenty of kids at my school who are well known but not liked. Someone popular is someone who is liked by the majority of the school and admired.

  • 6 years ago

    Oh my god grow up. You and your annoying popular remarks. From going on your profile you're ugly as f**k. This is coming from a girl that girls are envy of and copy my style... And who cares if you cheerlead? Not everyone's going to like you in life. You can't crave attention or the spot light you're whole life, you won't get a job lol u suck at life

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well from my point of view i never really got why there even has to be a popular group or lame group and i ****** hate popular people because they always think that none of us can beat their *** and think they can do whatever they want and they think they are funny but they have the lamest jokes ever

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  • 1 decade ago

    Be good and gentle to everybody...

    Say thanks to everybody if someone helps you in any way...

    Be down to earth always...

    Do not show off...

    Be genuine and ready to help others always...

    Then you will not be hated but loved.............

    And ya..there are some people in the world you can't change the way they think..So just ignore them and say to yourself in your heart..OK.. Doesn't Matter till you are a good person and you know you are...

    All the Best :)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    it sounds like your just trying to sound popular final statement youre not popular

  • 1 decade ago

    first off, it sounds like you are very conceded.

    second, saying that people hate popular people is a contradiction...popular people are liked, otherwise they wouldn't be popular...

  • 1 decade ago

    Uhhh . . . . you and your friends don't sound popular, no offence. The popular kids are the ones that a lot of people LIKE (that's what makes them popular).

    Wow you're pretty, smart, talented, fun, energetic, and outgoing?!! I just don't get why people don't like you!!! *sarcasm* (-__-)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If everyone hates you you're not popular, you're infamous.

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