the difference between soar and ach?

what is the difference in the meaning of these two : soar and ach

and is : "my whole body soars" right?

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    I think that you mean the difference between "sore" (very sensitive) and "ache."(pain)

    If you have a sun burn, your skin will be sore - especially if anyone or anything touches it.

    An ear or tooth ache is like a thobbing or sharp pain that happens without anything touching the ear or tooth.

    I think that your example means "My whole body is sore." That sounds more like sun burn than anything else.

  • 1 decade ago

    A sore only hurts when you touch it or move/use it. A ache just hurts you don't necessarily have to move it or touch its involuntary.

    Edit:Soars used like that would be like flying. You could say "My whole body is soar."

  • janaka
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    1 decade ago

    One soars in a plane. Ach is a very hickish German slang term. Ach, ich have eine schmerz in mein kopf!

    Source(s): Teacher ESOL and common sense
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