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Is it safe to wash moldy dishes?

I found atleast, if not more, 20 dishes worth of silver wear, plates, bowls, and cups in a cup board today. Turns out my 6 year old daughter had been hiding them in there for a reason we still have to discover. But that's aside the point for the moment. Most of them still had food on it so mold had grown. We dont use that cup board which is why we hadnt found it before, and its sealed well so the smell hadnt come out. It's a lot to replace, so is there any chance that we'll be able to wash them, or will have have to throw them out?

As far for punishments go, yes we have that covered. No TV for three weekends and no friends for one week.


Is washing them in the dish washer okay?

Update 2:

okay, so yes we did start to wonder where they were going, but we're really buse 90% of the time so we didnt really think about it lol

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    Scrape the food and mold in to a trash bag and throw out.

    Fill your kitchen sink with hot water and dish soap and let the dishes soak for a while to soften up the dried on food and then put in the dish washer and wash right away so the food doesn't harden up again.

    Then you've got clean dishes again.

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    Freedom is right. You will need to scrape them then wash them well with a good dish washing soap like Dawn then let them soak overnight in hot water and soap with 1/2 cup of bleach. Then put them in the dishwasher.

    As far as your little one...she may have been trying to "help" by putting them away. Leaving out the cleaning process. I always had the theory with my kids that if they do something "interesting" like this they should be involved with undoing it. It gives them a sense of what their mischief has caused.

    So a little story. 2 of my boys..when aged 6 and 7 decided that throwing mud balls against the house was a good thing. I was in the house and heard WACK.....seconds later WACK....minutes later WACK. I went to see what they were up to 2 boys covered in mud and also the side of the house. It was about 60 F So I turned on the garden hose and bought out a bucket they were instructed to clean the house and each other before coming in the house :)

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    I would scrape as much off of them as I could, run them through the dishwasher at least twice and then if there are any stains left, I would soak them in bleach. Mold really isn't going to hurt you. Plus, unless the dishes are really porous (which I doubt they are), they should easily come clean. The mold isn't going to stick to them any more than baked on cheese.

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    I'd put them in a sink of hot water and some bleach until the water cools then run them through the dishwasher. By the way, didn't you wonder why your dishes were disappearing?

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    Give them a good bleach bath. Let them soak in the bleach and hot water for 10 minutes and it will kill all of the bacteria that is on the dishes.

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    I would scrape off all you can get off then soak in hot bleach water then run them through the dish washer

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    Who knows why kids do what they do lol

    I'm pretty sure boiling water or steaming will kill all bacteria

    Bacteria which affects people die at above bodily temparature (mostly)

    So boiling water or steam should be more than adequite

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    Certainly you must wash them very well.

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