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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 1 decade ago

What is the Wrestling Section PPV #18 THE ROYAL RUMBLE?

PPV Name: WS Royal Rumble

Location: Royal County in Royality Stadium

(c)= Championship

Note: This is suppose to be a special PPV. My PPV's have been lacking for a couple of weeks ago. I really hope this PPV. So I am asking you to PLEASE STAR AND VOTE. I will appreciate that.

Dark Match:

Maria Maranoos vs Ms. Lol in a Singles

Promo: The show starts with pryo and out comes WWE HD (me) and I say "Welcome to the Royal Rumble and tonight 30 superstars will participate and there will only be 1 winner. The winner of the match will have an oppurtunity to be in the main event of WSmania and a World title shot with either the WS Champion or World Heavyweight Championship. I wish every user luck." Out comes CDMAX and interrupts WWE HD. CDMAX says "I am going to win the royal rumble. I AM SIMPLY THE GREATEST USER IN THIS SECTION. MY NAME IS CDMAX......BUT YOU, YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT! CDMAX IS BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU! THERE IS A NEW ERA IN THE WS!" WWE HD says "You call yourself the best but you already lost your first 2 matches. The first match I am gonna have a practice 6-man battle royal. If you can't win this match then that just means you won't be able to win the Royal Rumble." CDMAX says "All I have to do is face 5 nobodies in a practice battle royal? This is gonna be easy and I will win the Royal Rumble later."

Match #1

CDMAX vs Sharky vs The Extreme Pigeon vs Juelz vs CHARLES vs Takerluke in a practice 6-man battle royal over the top rope.

Promo #2

backstage interview.

Josh Mattews:ladies and Gentleman please welcome my guest at this tine The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy

T3JH:Hey Josh

JM:H@rdy tonight you will compite in the royal rumble with 29 other wrestlers what do think

T3JH-Really Josh what do i think really are you serious let me tell you something Josh i didn't come here to play ok,i came here to be the best in the world,to win champion do you understand what im saying to you right. tonight im gonna go out there and win the royal rumble after i win this royal Rumble i will become the next WS World Champion.

Match #2

N-6: Big Mike (c) and Mr. E (c) vs Straight Edge Suicide . and Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez in a Steel Cage Tag Team Match for the WS Tag Team Championship

Promo #3

Backstage is an interviewer. He asks Suicidal D about the Royal Rumble. Suicidal D says "I am entered into the royal rumble it doesn't matter if I'm number 1, 21, or 30. I will outlast the other 30 and will win to main event for the heavyweight championship. Yes I lost to Jeff but he just took advantage of me beating the living hell outta everyone else in the match. If it one on one the suicidal superstar suicidal D would've came out the victor. Stay on suicide watch."

Match #3

The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy (c) vs DJoMo in a Singles Match for the WS United States Championship

Promo #4

The interviewer interviews DJoMo about the Royal Rumble. DJoMo says "As for my debut i defeated Pook S. This is a message to all you that are going to be at the rumble ..that i am better than all of you and i will win. Sure i have some respect for some of these guys but for the that championship i will do anything. Even if means take out very good close experinced close friends! Royal rumble will be easy because i didn't come here to play and do stupid idotic stuff i came here to win and get that belt."

Promo #5

Shaun Cold returns and makes his way to the ring. He says "Hey everybody remember me? Tonight I won't be in the Royal Rumble Match because I made a deal with WWE HD. I told him if I can face tonight the World Heavyweight Championship and he said yes. So tonight I will face Big Ran but in what match. A singles Match? No. A first Blood Match? No! Tonight I will face him in a EXTREME RULES MATCH!!! If you want me to face him in that match GIMMIE A HELL YEAH!" The fans say "HELL YEAH!" Shaun Cold says "That means I can do whatever the hell I want without that 98 pound referee disqualifying me. It also means I can kick the referee's αss and get a damn sledge hammer and shove it in Big Ran's αss." Big Ran comes out and the match begins.

Match #4

Big Ran (c) vs Shaun Cold in an Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship.


Promo #6

Out comes WWE HD (me) and I say "I have a BIG SUPRISE for the fans. Tonight I made a deal with a WS legend. I told him if he can comeback to the WS for 3 PPV's. He accpeted my deal. He might be retired but he is still allowed to be in the WS with my permission.

I would like to welcome you THE DRAGON!" The Dragon comes out and he comes with a HUGE pop. The fans cheer his name. The Dragon says "Hi fellow WS people. I am very excited to make a return to the WS for only 3 PPV's.

Update 2:

I apologize sharpshooter for my behavior in our past feud." Out comes and interrupts SQ85. He says "Shut up already Dragon. You keep on showing off your return. Who cares because I am #1 in the Top 10. Your just a legend get over it." The Dragon says "What did I ever do to you? BTW at least I didn't cheated my way to the Top 10." SQ85 says "Who cares if I cheat or not. Either way I am still #1." SQ85 slaps The Dragon. The Dragon gets mad and fights back. WWE HD says "Stop it SQ85 you just ruin everything.

Promo #7

Backstage is The Bio-Hazard. He visits Lizacod. He says "Hi Lizacod, How are you." Lizacod reponse "I'm fine". The

Update 3:

Bio-Hazard says "I am sorry that I defeated you for the WS Championship but that was my job." Lizacod says "That's okay. I understand and I hope I win the Royal Rumble match." The Prince of Phenomenal goes in Lizacod's room and The Bio-Hazard looks angry because Prince of Phenomenal is his enemy." The Bio-Hazard yells

Update 4:

"What is Prince of Phenomenal doing here! Prince of Phenomenal says "Please leave me alone. Lizacod just called the doctor to cure me from my bruises." The Bio-Hazard is pissed and asks Lizacod "I thought he was our enemy?" Lizacod explains "I couldn't just left him there die" The Bio-Hazard says "That means you have feelings for him." Lizacod says "No" The Bio-Hazard says "THEN GET HIM OUT OF HERE! Prince of Phenomenal says "I am not going anywhere loser". Lizacod says "Don't fight guys" The Bio-Hazard says "I won't" Then Prince of Phenomenal says "Your not fighting but I am" PoP hits The Bio-Hazard. Both of these guys fight and The Bio-Hazard dominated the entire fight. Lizacod says "If you guys want to fight to DEATH THEN GO AHEAD!" Lizacod walks away. The Bio-Hazard says wait but out of nowhere Prince of Phenomenal gets the Bio-Hazard in a sleeper hold. The Bio-Hazard is trying to break the hold.

Update 5:

Out of nowhere Luis V. has a gun pointed on back of Prince of Phenomenal's head. Luis V. says "DON'T YOU DAQRE TO TURN OR I SWEAR IW ILL PULL THE TRIGGER. Now Get the f*ck out and get lost. PoP runs in fear. Luis V. then points the gun on The Bio-Hazard's forehead. Luis V. says "It's time for you to die". The Bio-Hazard gets closer to the gun to show Luis V. that he isn't scared of the gun. Luis V. puts his gun back in his pocket and says "I'll decide when too do this.". The Bio-Hazard now looks upset that he has to deal with 3 people. That is Lizacod, Prince of Phenomenal and Luis V.

Match #6

The Bio-Hazard (c) vs Prince of Phenomenal in a Steel Cage match for the WS Championship

Update 6:

Promo #8

Out comes the announcer and announces that the Royal Rumble is next. The first entrant is Pook S and the second is WWF ATTTUDE.

Match #7

Royal Rumble entry numbers

1. Pook S


3. Chicago Knight

4. 2 Normal

5. Suicidal D

6. CeNexus

7. Big Mike

8. Takerluke

9. Prasdana


11. Shane

12. Maria Maranoos


14. French Canadian Diva

15. Mr. E

16. The Undead Titan

17. Moshi Man

18. Sharky

19. Luis V.

20. sharpshooter

21. Infamous Anderson

22. Straight Edge Suicide.

23. Ms. Lol

24. Rated Violent

25. The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy

26. LP23

27. DJoMo

28. The Extreme Pigeon

29. Gothαm City Sαiηt™

30. 'Dashing' Miss Lizacod

Please Pick the winners. PLEASE STAR AND VOTE

Update 7:

Note: I am sorry for taking a long time but I took long because I had internet probelms.

Update 8:


Match #5

The Dragon vs SQ85 in a last man standing match

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  • 1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer

    Haha, I had a feeling I'd lose the title to Bio. He rocks! But atleast I got to hold it, and all that jazz. :) Aaaand I'm #30 in the Royal Rumble?! Sweet!

    Match 1: Juelz

    Match 2: Big Mike and Mr. E

    Match 3: DJoMo

    Match 4: Big Ran

    Promo 7: OMG! Luis V means business!

    Match 5: The Dragon wins after a great match. Both men almost lose at one point or another, but Dragon comes out on top this time.

    Match 6: Bio-Hazard

    Match 7: Lizacod, for the exact reason Bio-Hazard stated. I like where this three-way feud (well, four if you count Luis V) is going, so I think this would be a good way to keep me involved.

    Another good way to keep this going would be to have Lizacod and Luis V fall out of the ring at the exact same time, ala Bret Hart and Lex Luger at the Royal Rumble event in 1994. Your choice. :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    WOW! This is an awesome PPV!

    Match 1: Takerluke

    Match 2: Straight Edge Suicide . and Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez

    Match 3: DJoMo. Both are great users but I think the 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy should move on to main event status.

    Match 4: Shaun Cold

    Match 5: The Dragon

    Promo 7: This sound very interesting but can't I get fired from having a gun in wrestling? I don't know where this is leading to but I will tune in for the next PPV's.

    Match 6: The Bio-Hazard. With Prince of Phenomenal getting beat up badly by me in the last PPV I don't think he is 100% better in 1 week but he is obviously the main villain in the WS PPV's.

    Match 7: It is down to Luis V. and 'Dashing' Miss Lizacod. It would make a lot more sense if we are the final 2 competitors due to the storyline. Either I should win or Lizacod but the people will vote for other users. They won't vote for me because I rarely come to Y!A now a days and I lost my TC Badge and I am not sure for Lizacod. Just what Bio-Hazard and Lizacod said: Either way I think me or Lizacod should win to make it more interesting and this could lead up to the 3 way fued with Bio-Hazard, POP, and Lizacod feud or 4 way feud if I am part of it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Match 1: Sharky

    Match 2: N-6

    Match 3: T3JH

    Match 4: Big Ran

    Match 5: The Dragon

    Match 6: Bio-Hazard

    Match 7: I agree with Bio, Liza, and Luis. Liza and Luis should be the final two it makes all the sense in the world. Whether they hit at the same time or one of them wins it is best for the storyline. Now If you think I should win go ahead no problem with that. lol

    First Promo:

    The wrestling section is a place for real people. People who love wrestling. People who have what it takes to rise to the top. No fakes or pansys. It is strictly for the best. Now three months ago the very first Wrestling Section PPV was held it was named Intensity Meets Hell Sharpshooter won the WS championship that night while The Dragon won the WS World Heavywieght Championship. Now among the many men who held these titles you hear the names Rated Silent, Bio-Hazard, Big Ran, and Lizacod. Now the winner of this royal rumble match will get there title shot. Now I believe my history in the WS speeks for itself. I debut in WS PPV 7 were I lead my team to victory against the Y!A Mafia. WS PPV 8 I almost won the Royal Rumble but was cut just short of the finish line. Since then I have Main Evented a PPV in an elimination chamber no less, issued a three minute open challenge and won, and finally...FINALLY!!! Won the WS Intercontinental title. I have proved myself as a useful talent. Now I am here in the Royal Rumble once more. THE HUMAN EPIC!!! Infamous Anderson is ready for this match. I am ready for the new era. The history books might as well be empty...because none of it matters compared to what I plan on doing at Wrestling Section PPV 18. Now I mentioned the champions of the past and present, it is fact that I am the new era. I am the future. I AM!!!! INFAMOUS.....ANDERSON..........ANDERSON!!!!!!!!

    Second Promo:

    I talked about the past. People tend to do that alot. People want to dwell on there best times, but they are scared to venture into the future. They may not like what's to come. Well I am different.....I am confident that i will love what is coming to me in the future. I have a bright future in this business, and I know it. Now whether we are in the wrestling section, cark championship wrestling, Really eXtreme Wrestling, or any other stars will rise. I will rise from the ashes like a pheonix and fly higher than the clouds. Infamous Anderson is ready for any test....Infamous Anderson is not scared of the future.....INFAMOUS ANDERSON!!!!....sais bring it on, because what ever it is, who ever it is, nothing can stop INFAMOUS.....ANDERSON..........ANDERSON!!!!!!

    Source(s): Embrace Your Inner Asshole
  • ?
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Great show . I'm glad I decided to join this .


    1. Takerluke

    2. Don't vote on own match

    3. DJomo (Hard one, I respect both of those users deeply)

    4. Shaun Cold

    5. The Dragon

    6. The Bio Hazard

    Royal Rumble: Don't vote on own match

    Edit: Promo: (Before the match) I'm in the ring with 29 of the greatest performers of this generation . But not one person in this match is better than me . They can say what they want to say, and do what they want to do . But at the end of the day, I will have the last laugh and I will be the WS World Champion . I'm number 22, which isn't a problem at all . Because everyone that comes after me is a weakling just like everyone that comes before me . I swear, after this match, I will be the WS World Champion . And if you don't believe a thing I say, than just watch this match . The match will end with the referee raising my hand and my title in the other hand . All this I say is in total positive effect . Everyone better stay looking out for suicide . Straight Edge Suicide .

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Ms.Lol

    2. Straight Edge Suicide and Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez

    3. Can't vote on Own Match

    4. Shaun Cold

    5. The Dragon

    6. The Bio- Hazard

    7. Can't Vote on Own Match

    Promo - DJoMo

    *DJoMo comes out*

    Okay i know you extreme. You are the best in almost everything and as much as i respect you sorry but i want that WS US Championship so bad that i will be willing to take you down. I may been a good friend of yours but i am very sorry but i will have to take you down. As for the Royal Rumble i was very lucky to be number 27 and as i lucky would i be to win this Royal Rumble. I am going to take you all out 1 by 1. You just watch your back. Watch Out WS Because DJoMo has arrived.

  • Andrew
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Ms. LOL




    Big Ran


    Gotham City Saint


    Promo: Well Well Well. I am here in the Battle Royal. I will win the match. I will then unify my stupid intercontinental championship with the WS Championship and World Heavyweight Championship and US Championship. I will become a the first man to hold 4 titles at once.No doubt this will be an easy match with all the chumps in it who can't wrestle for there lives. I will win and become champion at WSmania.

  • 1 decade ago


    Straight Edge Suicide . and Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez


    Big Ran

    The Dragon

    Prince of Phenomenal

    'Dashing' Miss Lizacod

    Why is Suicide (my partner) in the Royal Rumble but Im not? just wondering

  • 1 decade ago

    awesome show, thanks to put me in

    Dark Match: Maria Maranoos

    Match #1 CDMAX

    Match #2 Straight Edge Suicide . and Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez

    Match #3 The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy

    Match #4 Big Ran (c) vs Shaun Cold

    Match # 6 Prince of Phenomenal

    Match #7 number 12 will win

  • Maria Maranoos


    Straight Edge Suicide . and Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez

    The 3xtreme Jeff H@rdy

    Big Ran (c) vs Shaun Cold

    Prince of Phenomenal

    # 12

  • 1 decade ago


    Big Mike and Mr. E


    Don't Vote on own Match

    The Dragon


    2 Normal by Suicidal D

    CDMAX by Prasdana

    Chicago Knight by Shane, Takerluke, and CeNexus

    Pook S by Mr. E

    CHARLES and Maria Maranoos by Eachother

    Sharky by Moshi Man

    Moshi Man by Straight Edge Suicide

    LP23 by Shane

    WWF ATTITUDE by Big Mike

    The Extreme Pigeon by Luis V.

    Sharpshooter by DJoMo

    Jeff H@rdy by SES

    TakerLuke by Big Mike and Prasdana

    Luis V. by Ms. Lol

    Miss Lizacod by Mr. E

    Gotham City Saint by Rated Violent

    Suicidal D by French Canadian Diva

    The Undead Titan by Infamous Anderson

    DJoMo by French Canadian Diva

    CeNexus by Prasdana

    Shane by Big Mike

    Infamous Anderson by Mr. E

    Rated Violent by Ms. Lol and Big Mike

    Ms. Lol by SES

    Big Mike by Prasdana

    Straight Edge Suicide by Mr. E

    Prasdana by French Canadian Diva

    Mr. E by French Canadian Diva

    WINNER: French Canadian Diva

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