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Why is the song "from the halls of montezuma" property of Sony Music Entertainment?

Hi everyone, I tried to find a decent version of the song "from the halls of montezuma" on youtube. i used to sing this song in my high school choir, when i was an exchange student to the united states. now almost every version is blocked for me by youtube (i live in germany), claiming that the video contains contents of Sony Music Entertainment, thus is not available in my country. (sounds weird, but accurate translation). i always thought that song was a marine thing and under no license whatsoever? and does anyone maybe have a decent version of the song with some big band music and nice singing? i have been searching the web literally for hours. please help!

by the way, i don't mean to offend any US marines or anyone else by some poor choices of words i may have used, i always felt proud to sing this song!

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    Try here:

    The title of the song is "The Marine Hymn" and the publishing is owned by Sony Music.

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    Gene is correct, Sony wants it's pound of flesh.

    They're not very patriotic, never have been.

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