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Would this work against me (like the judge kiss' the cops *** type thing)?

Would it in anyway work against me... (like the judge taking it the wrong way) its not like im using him to get out of the ticket

I plan on bringing up the fact that after the law abiding police officer let me go with two tickets.... I was doing the usual speed limit...and that I was well gone before he even pulled out... but 10 mins later he some how caught up to me and tailgaits me.. so i guess with that being said he can vouch for me in court that I learned my lesson... he can be like kinda my witness


Yea ur right it doesnt matter... cuz its prob gettin dismissed... im just planing ahead just in case... even if it does get dismissed I just a second in court to talk **** about the cop who pulled me over.. im not driving 3 hrs + 3hrs back to appear in court for a dissmissed ticket.. for nothing.. thats just silly

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    Why would you possibly think it was going to be dismissed?

    I know you legit.:)

    Be careful what you say so you don't get a contempt of court fine too. :)

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    It won't count against you, but it won't help you either.

    It doesn't matter if you learned your lesson or not. It has no bearing on the violation you committed before that, which is the only thing that the court can consider when finding a verdict.

    But that doesn't matter, right? Because the whole case is getting dismissed because the Prosecutor failed to turn over the Discovery information your attorney requested.


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  • Hank
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    9 years ago

    You could try to use him as a witness, but he may not participate.

  • 9 years ago

    With that stanky breath, you would be charged with attempted murder.

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