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Britney Spears Or Madonna?

gotta keep these questions coming, this section is getting a lil to boring.

What is your favorite song from them?

I prefer Britney more, i can't really get into madonna's music =/

Madonna-Human Nature

Britney Spears-Circus


@ Who's bad? I'm bad-

How is it a obvious question? people have different opinions, and no Madonna is not the Queen of Pop, more like Queen of Sales.

Update 2:

@ The Voice: Yeah

since some of you madonna fans think you dictate everything

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    Britney Spears is NOTHING compared to Madonna. When you watch Madonna perform and listen to her music it makes you think. Her music is as close as pop can get to art. She has been so many different artists on all of her records and covered way more mature and important topics than Britney has.

    Look at it this way. Circus is In The Zone Part 2. Not playing it up at all and the same safe thing. When Madonna was were Britney is at the moment she had one of the greatest albums of all time, made groundbreaking videos, and had the Blonde Ambition Tour. That tour is PERFECT. No other pop star can touch that. And I know you haven't even seen it.

    And personally (not saying this implies to everyone) Madonna is way more inspiring to me than Britney. I love how everyone called her a one hit wonder and now she is one of the most respected pop artists of all time. LMAO @ Queen of Sales. I love how you people think that just because Madonna is more popular than Janet and Britney that people can not relate to her music and love her. Madonna is an influence on everything I do and my hero. Even if she had not sold as much she would still be MY Queen and you can't tell me she isn't. She was the first female artist to have total control over her music. Without her there would be no Britney.

    Madonna: Way too many to name. Deeper and Deeper, Borderline, Take A Bow, Secret, Oh Father, Ray Of Light, Mer Girl (beautiful lyrics), Papa Don't Preach, Like A Prayer, and so many more.

    Britney Spears: Toxic and I'm A Slave 4 U.

    You asked for everyone's opinions. No need to get angry at anyone who chose Madonna. (: Oh and I like your new avatar btw. Janet looks pretty on the janet. cover.

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    Pfft. Definitely not. I'm not a fan of either of them but I would take Madonna over Britney anyday. Britney only has a voice, I guess. But Madonna has everything. She takes care of herself and knows how to get help when she needs it.

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    Yeh um, Madonna is the Queen Of pop, And She owns Britney

    Edit: Excuse me? I am not even a Madonna fan, She is just a better musician then Britney spears, Britney is a FLOP!, She fails as a Musician and singer

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    Britney Spears

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    Madonna of course. I'm not a 12 year old little girl to be fan of Britney.

    Madonna is hot, talented and interesting. Britney is just hot, kind of.

    Madonna is the real deal. Britney is, well, a shallow product.

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    I prefer Britney. A lot of people hate me for saying this, but i think Madonna is one of the most overrated singers ever.

    Can i put more than one song?

    Britney: Stronger, Overprotected, If U Seek Amy, Womanizer, Boys, Break The Ice, Radar, 3.

    Madonna: Like A Prayer, 4 Minutes, Vogue, Ray Of Light, Express Yourself

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    Yeah I've never liked Madonna, I kinda like Britney.

    Like a prayer is okay and favourite Britney song I would say probably Toxic.

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    I grew up listening and idolizing Spears so no contest. My favorite song from Britney would be "What You See(Is What You Get)" and the only one I like from Madonna is "Material Girl."

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    Why do you keep asking such obvious questions? Madonna hands down.

    I don't even like Madonna but shes the Queen of Pop so Madonna wins.

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    I love both, but I prefer Britney a little more.

    Madonna- Vogue, 4 Minutes, Like A Virgin, Express Yourself.

    Britney- If You Seek Amy, 3, Oops...I Did It Again, Baby One More Time, Toxic etc.

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