Is it wrong to get engaged at age 16? And just wait to get married?

Me and my bf love each other so much! and we r planing on getting engaged...he is 17 and im 16! We arnt planning on marrying until later. So is it okey?


Btw he does not have a crappy job...he works at a Pharmacy..he has allot of money! And he is almost 18

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  • 9 years ago
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    It is very common for girls your age to get engaged that young. I was engaged twice in my life and both times went to hell. Yes, right now, I do believe you two are in love.. because I was.. I still am. But I dated this guy for 2 years.. that went down the drain... He turned into a REALLY big jerk.. People change.. and peoples minds change... The one I'm in now.... was in it for 11 months, and thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with this guy... We looked at houses, was going to live with each other, got engaged, told me he loved me and told me he wanted to be with me forever...... got me pregnant.. and LEFT ME. Don't put yourself fully into it... bc you love him now.. in a couple of months you can lose your feelings for him, or he might find someone else... Im not saying you will, bc it is possible..Things just happen whether you want them to or not. We have been broken up for 2 months and he is already on his 3rd girlfriend... Statistics say the more younger you marry, the more liable you are able to get divorced. But than again my P.E. coach married his high school sweetheart. :) Started going out in high school and got married and have a kid with each other. In order for you guys to last, you guys need to keep communications up.. talk to each other. don't hide things. They will find out sooner or later anyways. But life has a lot of lessons.. Slow down a bit... don't set your whole life on getting married, but keep it in mind if that is what you truly want. Keep things clean between you two... no fights. But fights happen. People bring out how they really truly feel in fights. NO cheating, and no secretes. If you keep up with that, than yes, you guys will last a while. Good luck. :)

  • 9 years ago

    When I was 10 I met my best friend, at 13 we started dating. We dated for 4 1/2yrs planning on eventually marrying and even trying to conceive in that time. Then life happened, we grew into different people and eventually split up. He is still one of my best friends.

    So I say a promise ring is a wonderful idea. It would show each other that you are on a different level of commitment than a relationship (not a $5 ring from Clair's.) If you still feel the same years down the road then consider engagement. While it's the rule that many if not most first loves don't last, there are the exceptions. So here's to you and your love being an exception to the rule!

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  • 9 years ago

    16 is a little young you can wear a promise ring or necklace to be true and faithful sounds a little old fashion but why not at 16 your just coming of age and yet to see the world and meet different people the feelings you have at age 16 might change later once you have experienced life . but if you see you still love each other after you have lived a little then by all means get married . some people do marry high school sweet hearts.

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  • 9 years ago

    I would say wait...

    they say youth is wasted on the young, and this is why. You are all of 16. you have no idea what your wants/needs/desires are going to be at 18, let alone 26, 36 or 46.

    Hang back, enjoy this relationship but CALM DOWN. wait till you're out of high school, in college (if that's what you're doing) and get yourself educated and career minded so you can take care of yourself. You may find that once you do that, your needs have changed and this person no longer meets them.

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  • 9 years ago

    From experience it isn't a good idea. You won't be the same people in 3 years. The engagement period is when you plan the wedding and announce you will be married so it won't be a real engagement but call yourselves whatever you want. I just wouldn't waste the money on a ring.

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    9 years ago

    Legally there is no age requirement for engagement. But realistically if you're not old enough to get married then you're not old enough to be engaged.

    Slow down and enjoy being what you are....teenagers in love. No need to rush into being adults and having all the stress and responsibilities that come with adulthood.

  • 9 years ago

    To the answer above...MARY and JOSEPH lived in a time where most were dead by age yes they had to grow up fast.

    To answer your question, yes it would be wrong to trap each other by engagement until you are legally allowed to be married. You'll probably both grow out of each other by the time you're 20, don't sweat it it happens to all of us. Just go to Claire's and get a $5 promise ring and call it a day.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I see no point in being engaged unless you’re able and ready to get married.

    Engagement is not a relationship place holder. It’s moving from ‘dating’ to ‘actively planning to marry’. You can’t actively plan to get married when you’re still two years away from being legally able to do so.

    10 years ago you were still relying on your parents to support you. 10 years from now you’ll have finished college and finally be able to support yourself. Don’t get married until you’re done growing up. Be honest with yourself. You’re still a kid. That’s not a bad thing! Enjoy it!

  • 9 years ago

    Instead of thinking of marriage at such a tender age, you should be hanging out at the mall with your friends, playing video games, and acting like the teenager you are. There will be plenty of time for grown up pursuits when you get older.

  • 4REEE
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    9 years ago

    I think you're both too young for this.

    Both of you should wait till you're at least 25.

    Finish your education. Go to a university or college. Date other people. Join the workforce. Get a steady job. Build up a reasonable savings account. Travel the world. Do cool things.

    Do these things as individuals.




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