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Does the Tea Party have any ideas on cutting waste from the Defense budget, nearly 1/3 of Federal spending?

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    Teabaggers: "We want to cut spending!"

    Government: "Okay we spend the most on the military, social security, and medicare. What should we cut?"

    Teabaggers: ".............................Hey look! Mexicans!"

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    I don't think they tea party movement realizes that their core beliefs are staunchly Libertarian. An odd thing about libertarians are although they are not anti military they believe, just as it was written that the American military should be used for defense of the American people only. Trillions of dollars have been spend overseas not protecting the American people, rather "liberating" and defending the rights of non americans.

    If you cut out the defense of every other nation in the world. If you cut out the protaganistic use of military and maintained a small standing army solely for the purpose of national defense, cutting a third out of the budget would be extremely easy.

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    One's waste is another person's treasure. But I've heard of what is called a lilly pad strategy. That's when the U.S. uses bases of other countries rather than have bases of it's own. The U.S. would station, let's say 100 forward positioned personnel at a base ran by the host country. Then equipment would be shipped in if the U.S. wanted to use the base. This would be mostly done in Europe which is 1,000 miles or more away from the nearest hostile area.

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    Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, other federal entitlement programs (food stamps, etc). Total: $2 trillion. (2010 budget)

    We can also eliminate the Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Housing and Urban Development. We can cut the Department of Energy by at least 75%.

    I can find savings in all kinds of places.

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    They sure do. They want to close many overseas bases, like in Germany, Spain and Japan. They want to quit buying things that the military does not ask for like the 120 KC-130's that they didn't want with an 82 million a copy price tag. You do the math, can save a bundle with just those two cuts and I haven't even mentioned Fraud, waste and abuse cost.

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    Complete withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan would be a good start. The federal WAR on drugs should also end immediately. The U.S. has military bases in 130 different countries. It would appear the U.S. tax payer is subsidizing the cost of defense for other countries......this must end.

    I'm waiting for a politician who will actually pursue all or most of the following:

    We need to end the federal war on drugs. (costing U.S. about $44 billion a year, not to mention it completely contradicts the idea of "limited government")

    We need to let people 27 and under opt out of social security.

    We need to have a complete withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. (In fact a reduction of defense spending by 40% or more is very doable. The U.S.'s defense budget is larger than EVERY OTHER COUNTRY COMBINED)

    OH HERE'S AN IDEA: We need to PASS A FKING BUDGET (looking at you Democrats. Today's congress is brought to you by the letter "I" as in "Inept".)

    We need to completely dismantle Fannie and Freddie.

    We need to abolish the Department of Energy. (Seriously, what the hell are they doing?)

    The Dept. of "Education" is obviously a huge failure (I mean I think a majority of kids are actually getting dumber).

    We need to end corporate farming subsidies.

    We need to abolish the Patriot Act. (Again, if you are going to talk about limited government and the Constitution, THIS HAS GOT TO GO.)

    We need to put an end to "too big to fail".

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    Actually a lot of military money goes to college for members. Of course the best way to cut a military budget is to end wars. The best way to end wars is to win them. Liberals constantly emboldening the enemy by saying the war is lost do not help.

    Then when you cut the budget, be sure to get ready to find jobs for all the soldiers and sailors you put out of work. IMO having someone employed in the military for 2 years is better than having them on unemployment doing nothing for 2 years. Especially when the military teaches them a trade, insures their family and gives them a place to live.

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    Too many contracts have been awarded without a competitive bidding process. That's a good place to start.

    But entitlements now make up the majority of the budget. The sooner we rein in entitlement spending, the sooner the budget will be balanced.

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    Actually, only 1/3 is for non-military/defense/intelligence spending. The majority of our budget is not spent on entitlement programs.

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    1st,bring home all troops from abroad not directly involved in Combat or support activities.Let the rest of the world take care of the rest of the world.This should include all US Naval Vessels monitoring shipping lanes.If we want to monitor shipping lanes to protect our own commerce fine,but again let the rest of the world take care of their own.Cut all expenditures for Military assistance around the world in "humanitarian crisis" situations as well.Last I checked the rest of the world loves to ***** about our military as well,so why should we be spending billions helping them solve their problems?

    Cut the military to a defense only size at that point,through a process of managed atrrition over a period of time.


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    There are clauses in the FAR that give certain vendors & contractors advantages over completely competitive bidders. Removing those provisions would be a good start,

    Source(s): FAR
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