Whatever happened to the "Quackbusters"? Don't hear much about them anymore...?


Not too long ago, the self-styled "skeptics" were quoting a group/website that was vilifying any form of alternative medicine. They've been suspiciously silent as of late. Could it be because their leader, Stephen Barrett has one foot in the grave and another in the courtroom?


Hey, Joe

Hulda Clarke won that suit. And it was Barrett who was the one launching frivolous suits. He lost all of them and was ordered to pay costs.

Update 3:

Homeopathy has proven cures for Epilepsy. And Cancer. And Leukemia. And MS. And COPD. The list is endless. It's conventional medicine that should be compelled to prove why it should be used when it fails every time to cure anything.

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  • Mr E
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    9 years ago
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    they got busted, and what does medicine and common sense have in common? nothing.

  • lo_mcg
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    9 years ago

    Quackwatch continues to debunk woo, and the fact that Barrett is the victim of yet another mischievous law suit has not stopped it.

    I for one continue to refer people to Quackwatch where appropriate in my answers, both here and especially in the Cancer section. It is particularly helpful for people who are tempted through desperation to seek cancer 'cures' from greedy, ruthless frauds like Hulda Clark - and though a death from cancer is always regrettable, what rational person could resist at least a wry smile when they read that cancer itself had had put a stop to Hulda Clark's robbery and murder spree?

    ''Homeopathy has proven cures for Epilepsy. And Cancer. And Leukemia. And MS...'''

    You are a liar, and a particularly dirty, low, despicable one.

    You repeatedly sneer at anyone who asks for evidence of your wild claims; clearly you don't have any.

    After my cancer diagnosis I consulted a homeopath; she, like other homeopaths, made no claims that homeopathy could treat cancer, or be anything other than complementary to conventional cancer treatment. Only the most deluded or the most unscrupulous/greedy/ruthless of followers of this particular form of magic will make such a claim - secure in the knowledge that dead people can't sue.

    I am complete remission (and fit and well) following conventional treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy) for stage 3 grade 3 cancer, with no sign of cancer more than 6 years after treatment was completed.

    Cancer was one of the worst experiences of my life, and until now I would have said that I would never wish it on anyone.

    However, I am tempted to make an exception in your case - after all it could hold no fear for you, you know the proven cure, right?

    I'm too bloody angry to go on with this, but will repeat:

    You are a liar, and a particularly dirty, low, despicable one.

  • 9 years ago

    Whatever. How does this question prove your statement below?

    "Homeopathy has proven cures for Epilepsy. And Cancer. And Leukemia. And MS. And COPD. The list is endless. It's conventional medicine that should be compelled to prove why it should be used when it fails every time to cure anything."

    Show evidence. Double-blind peer reviewed studies please. No testimonials please. If you can't show any, then keep a lid on it, man!

  • Tink
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    9 years ago

    Quackwatch seems to be alive and well.

    And since when do you have a peer reviewed, double blind study that says homeopathy treats epilepsy, cancer, leukemia, etc?

    If Nature could print a study on some really obscure polyphenol from a wild grass extending the lifespan of mice, (y'know, resveratrol?) I'm sure they would love to hear on the matter - - in addition to all here - - be a sport and post a link, aye?

    Source(s): The black in your coffee ;)
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Er. No.

    Dr Barrett is alive and well and still debunking sCAM. Almost all of what the quacks say about him are lies. If you go onto quackwatch, he actually explains most of it. But then, you're not really interested in the truth are you?

    Rather than refute what he actually says, you lot use tireless ad hominem attacks against him which are a common non sequitur diversionary tactic used by the alties when they cannot support their position with any credible evidence.

    Note that everytime you do this, it discredits you further, reinforces our point and STILL does not demonstrate efficacy of your woo.

    Also, you were asked to substantiate your claims that homeopathy cures epilepsy. 24 hours later you stil haven't provided any evidence. So we'll assume you've made that up. And you are even a bigger quack than you were before.


    Edit: Note that in a court of law, the burden of proof is not the same as it is in science. Which was certainly the problem with the kingbio case. Contrary to what the quacks say, the ruling did not mean that Barret was wrong and that homeopathy works.

    Edit: "Homeopathy has proven cures for Epilepsy. And Cancer. And Leukemia."

    So you're dishonest too then.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Quackwatch is alive and well, and so is Dr Barrett who is soldiering on. He is a tireless campaigner and consumer protection advocate.


    "Why Doctor's Data Is Trying to Shut Me Up"



    EDIT: "Homeopathy has proven cures for Epilepsy." Again with this? Since you refuse to back up this claim I have to assume you are lying through your teeth. Why?

  • Joe
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    9 years ago

    Are you referring to the frivolous lawsuit generated by the now dead Hulda Clark? (who has BOTH feet in the grave - BTW)??

    "When false ideas are attacked, their promoters often spread lies about the critics. That's happened to me and several others who justifiably criticized Hulda Clark, PhD, ND, an unlicensed naturopath who claimed she could cure cancer, AIDS, and many other serious diseases, sometimes within a few hours [1]. Clark died of complications of multiple myeloma (a form of cancer) in September 2009." - wikipedia

    To answer your question - "they" have NOT been suspiciously silent......Quckwatch is alive and continuing to "bust quacks"........

    Incidently - a "naturopath" dying of cancer - how could this be????????

    And yes - we're still waiting for a sampling of the "infinite" number of cases of epilepsy that have been CURED by alternative methods....

    In September 1999, Hulda Clark was arrested in California, based on a fugitive warrant from Indiana, where she faced charges of practicing medicine without a license. The case originated in 1993 when Dr. Clark lived and practiced in Indiana. Government documents and press reports indicate that after a former patient complained to the Indiana attorney general, a health department official, accompanied by a deputy attorney general, visited her office and was diagnosed with AIDS and sent to a laboratory for a blood test. Dr. Clark -- apparently tipped off by the lab -- found out she was being investigated and left Indiana a few days later. In 1999, she was apprehended in California and returned to Indiana to stand trial. In April 2000, an Indiana judge dismissed the charges on grounds that too much time had elapsed between the filing of the charges and Dr. Clark's arrest

    The claims of Hulda Clark (and many of the web sites that sell herbal remedies and "Zapper") that (1) a single parasite causes cancer, AIDS, and many other diseases, and that this parasite can be killed with electrical devices ("Zappers") are not supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence.

    - from various website excerpts.

    thenoseknows: "...when it fails every time to cure anything..."

    yet another completely ridiculous statement.....I cure things every day - strep throat, numerous other bacterial infections, lacerations, yeast infections, collapsed lungs, acute myocardial infarctions, etc, etc.....

    Source(s): I am a physician and a possessor of common sense.
  • 9 years ago

    Be careful tnk. By saying their name, you might invoke them. It's like Beetlejuice, you don't want to say it 3 times. ;-) LOL!!!

    They're still around but thankfully they're more silent on their links lately. Oops, I said it.

  • 9 years ago

    Hulda Clarke, the woman who had the cure for all cancers who died of cancer?

    That alone would tell any sane person she was a compete quack.

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