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how do people record videogames without the camera wobbling and with HD?

ok i make videos of video ames but they always come out bad because you can barely see the screen and i want to know how some people on youtube make it look PERFECT without anything wrong example:

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thankyou for answering


also were can i get a crash team racing rom? and i want a free program

Update 2:

im not going to go out at 8:30 in the morning to buy somethign i want somethign easy setup free and i can do now with my camera

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    You need to get yourself a capture card, it's easy with an external one, and a computer.

    It's easy as pie on halo 3 and Reach as you only need to get bungie pro (800 ms points) then upload your bids to your fileshare then hop onto the Internet and download them.

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    As well as a video capture card, you can use a screen capture program such as Fraps or Hypercam 2 for computer games and run an Emulator for console games (simulates a console on a computer)

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    Capture cards are what are used to capture images in perfect condition. An HD one costs about £50+ You should look it up on the internet.

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    Thar relies upon in the experience that your making plans on recording your self play a sport on your laptop then get FRAPS, yet whilst your making plans on recording your self play on a console get a Dazzle video seize card that streams right this moment on your laptop for easy video recording.

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    Xbox360/PS3: If you want good quality capture get an HDPVR in a gaming store or order online.

    PC: A good program to record is Fraps, though you need to pay you can easily pirate.

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