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F3 to DGS

i want to study in DGS next year

Academic Results: 1st term 85 Accumulative Marks: 86 2nd term 86

I learn the piano and i have passed the Grade 8 exam with distinction

I play the violin too. I am going to take the Grade 8 exam soon

I am good at English Maths Science IH PTH and Art

I m studying in a top-band-one girls' school in Kowloon

Will DGS admit me?

how many percent?

thx a lot.

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    I am DGS student now... Actually, Englsih is one of the important subject, so you must be good at English. Also, i think it is better if you have an area which you are extremely good at, for example PE, music... Good conduct is also required. I think u can give it a try.XD

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    the more prizes u get, the higher chance you have

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