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    Daigo Kobayashi, a cellist in an orchestra in Tokyo, loseshis job because of the dissolution of the orchestra. After quitting as aprofessional cellist he decides to move back to his old hometown, Sakata,Yamagata, with his wife.Once back in his old hometown, Daigo finds a classifiedadvertisement for "Assisting departures" for an "NKAgency." He goes to the job interview, still uncertain of the job's naturebut desperate for a job. The word "departures" in the ad has himthinking that perhaps it is for a job at a travel agency. Instead, after beingunceremoniously hired on the spot after only one question ("Will you workhard?") and being handed a large sum of money in an "advance," hediscovers that NK is an abbreviation for "encoffinment" and that thejob involves assisting the "departed" by ceremonially preparing thedead in front of mourners before their bodies are placed in a coffin. Daigo completes a number of assignments and experiences thegratitude of those left behind, while enjoying playing his old cello during histime off. He has started to feel a sense of fulfillment in his work when hiswife, Mika, finds the training DVD and begs him to give up such a"disgusting profession." Daigo refuses to quit, so his wife leaveshim. Even his old friend, Yamashita, learning of his work, shuns him and tellshim to get "a proper job."Soon after, a notice is delivered to Daigo's house that hisestranged father has died. He initially refuses to go see his dead father, butDaigo's coworker convinces him to go.

    Funeral workers come to get Daigo's father's corpse, but hewatches in horror as they handle the body in a cavalier and unceremonious way.He stops them, and his wife explains to the startled workers, with a new pride,that her husband is a professional encoffiner.

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    As he personally handles the cleansing and dressing of the body, Daigo finds a "stone-letter" he had given to his father when he was little, grasped in his father's hands.

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    As he gazes at this stone, the memory of that day floods back, and the face of his father, which in previous flashbacks to this moment had been blurred, jumps into focus, and at last he remembers and recognizes his father.

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    As he continues the ceremony, both he and Mika quietly cry. Daigo turns and presses the stone-letter to Mika's pregnant belly.

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    During the end credits, Daigo is shown preparing Tsuyako's body in greater detail.

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    英文是維基擷取下來的 中文是大至自己翻譯 雖然翻的沒有很好 但應該不會跟原本意思差太多

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