Someone who knows Hollister clothes really well? (I'm talking about dresses?)?

Ok, so my aunts baby shower is this Saturday and i bought a dress a while back for her party. Idk if you guess know what im talking about.... Its light gray at the top (its kinda like a tank top) and has a gray bow on one of the straps. At the bottom its poofy and it has pink/coral-ish and white stripes. You know what im talking about??? :D Its short (like all the dresses at Hollister) and its gonna be kinda chilly on Saturday. The party is indoors, but i would still like to know what color Tights, sweater and shoes would match with this dress? Should i even wear tights?

Please answer if you know what im talking about, or even if you can kinda imagine the dress.

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    1 decade ago
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    ik the dress... its cute haha and i would grey tights/leggings (its a short dress + its cold go with something under it haha) um white or pink sweater either works and probably some flats or nice-ish shoes they dont have to be a certain color but white would work :) hope that helps, good luck!

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    no tights, just leggings

    gray or pink or blue sweater on top, (knitted)

    and flats

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