What jobs evolve around Astronomy?

I'm really interested in the area of astronomy, but I'm afraid I'm not very good at math in general to be an astronomer. What jobs evolve around astronomy and would allow me to work around aspects of astronomy?

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    10 years ago
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    Amateur astronomy is one option.

    Another is to become a computer programmer. This requires some math, but less, and more along the lines of logic. Still you'll want to have a basic grasp of the math astronomers use (that would make including math in programs much easier since you'd know how to manipulate equations and if you're getting the right answers). If you're good at languages I imagine you'd be good at programming. There is more of a demand for programmers and IT people than astronomers at observatories most of the time anyway.

    You might be able to work at a planetarium or museum teaching people about basic astronomy and the history of astronomy.

    You could apply a public relations background perhaps and work on outreach.

    I'd recommend trying a bit more math. Some people get geometry and calculus but not algebra, some people get calculus but not geometry or algebra, some people get linear algebra but not algebra, some people get differential equations but not calculus. You'll use linear algebra, diff eq and lots and lots of calculus in astronomy. But don't let that scare you. I thought I was horrible at math (I take longer to learn it) but I was really really good at astrophysics. You use math in a different way in astrophysics. Not only are you applying it to really cool concepts rather than just crunching numbers, you're really looking for things like patterns, simplification and numbers going to one, infinity or zero a lot. I was terrible at calculus but top of my class because I was good at recognizing patterns, sorting out information and I worked very hard.

    You can overcome any shortcomings you have if you want to do astronomy badly enough!

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    need good math to get trough the college stuff. otherwise do ametuer astro like thousands of others, and make it a hobby

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