Girl Help! Is Passing Notes in School Still OK?

I want to pass a note to the girl i like sitting behind me saying. " This class is so boring i can't wait for the weekend" would it work? What would she do? How do i pass it?


@ Joe

I talked to her last year and a little this year but we stopped talking and i want to reconnect. i would compliment her the same day though

Update 2:

i would just be doing it while the teacher is talking since we dont get much time otherwise

Update 3:

were both 15

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    Passing notes in school is as bad an idea as sitting and writing a letter, such as this one. There are some things to consider: have you ever spoken to this girl before? Does she seem receptive to your attempts at starting conversation? Will you or she receive detention if your teacher catches you guys passing notes?

    In conclusion, just talk to her Bob.

    Your internet friend,

    Joseph B

    EDIT: Bob, I hope you know that I was just kidding with the letter thing. I thought it would be a funny way to get my opinion across. Whoever thumbed me down must have disagreed. Anyway, I'm 26. So I haven't been 15 for a while. But I'd say that if you're totally sure that you have no chance of getting caught, then go ahead and try the note thing. No 15 year old girl wants to be embarrassed by having the teacher catch her passing notes, confiscate them, and read them aloud to the class. If that happens, be prepared for her to stop talking to you altogether.

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    Yeahh it is still ok! I think getting notes is so cute, and it just seems more personal rather than a text message. But maybe Im just old-school :P Go ahead though, and pass her a note, I bet she will think its cute!

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    I personally think that would be cute. I'm pretty sure if a guy decided to pass me a note instead of just text me like everyone else does, i'd be flattered. Go for it(:

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    You could try it. But, if you get caught, the teacher might embarrass you. Try saying it to her before the class starts. When you first get in and people are still talking.

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  • Fred F
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    1 decade ago

    Just don't let the teacher intercept it.

    The entire class will get to hear what is in the note.

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    No. Please don't embarrass yourself. A few girls might find it cute depending on where your relationship stands, but most will think it's lame.

    Just say it dude, it's allot better to just talk to her and start a conversation that way. Girls love when you talk to them, there not som alien creature...just a girl.

    Have you thought about how your note could turn out? Maybe akward silence or maybe she would like it. but you might just want to play it safe and say it VERBALLY.

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    yep it would work and she would write back and maybe blush plus you can pass it by faking to strech your arms by putting you hands behind your head or neck with the note sticking out between your fingers.

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    So do it! Its cool when guys pass notes to girls. As for getting it to could get up and "get a tissue" and on your way back slip it to her before you sit down.....

  • Lora
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    1 decade ago

    Dont let the teacher catch you! If you manage not to get caught, she'll love it. I know I would and then I'd write you back. Awww!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    what is wrong with kids these days?!

    Just talk to her! why cant you just strike up a convo

    notes and texts and facebook is the ******* way out. Do it like a man for once

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