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What kind of Art-related jobs can I look into or get without a Art degree?

I just need to know what kind of jobs prospects are out there for someone like myself who has majored in Art or has no art degree but strong artistic skills! I have been a bit apprehensive of what to do as a career in Art! I enjoy drawing or painting a person(model), an attractive objects or a place!

I not so sure if I want to teach or how I may want to work with it as a job or career! My other interest is cultural issues with people or psychology. I only hold a AA degree. I'm one who is uncertain as to what jobs (career) would have nice pay without experience! I'm NOT wealthy! I need something that would match with what my talent and skills are! I am more reserve about what I do. I'm unemployment and currently putting in applications online to department stores! Please Feel Free To Offer ME SOME HELPFUL ADVICE OR SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT I SHOULD LOOK INTO! I DO NOT know about school right now. ANY SUGGESTIONS OR IDEAS WOULD BE NICE! Thank you for your time.


I'm Not sure about Art therapy. I would like to submit some of my pieces (work) to a Fine Art website like Deviantart. I would like a little more advice or information on how I can submit artwork to a Fine Art website and what kind of Art-related jobs I could apply for without the Art degree that have good pay benefits!

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    It sounds as though a career in art therapy would be right up your alley. Go to the American Art Therapy Association's site and have a look around.

    Also, it couldn't hurt to have some samples of your work online, if you've not done so already.

    Offer to donate some of your work to small locally owned businesses in your area that see a lot of traffic. Have your contact information on your artwork, but be safe about it! :)

    If decorative art is your thing, then it may be worth your time to check out Zazzle as well. It's possible to sell your designs there, and it won't cost you anything. It's far from a sure thing that you'll make any money, but it's worth a try especially since you are talented and motivated.

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