Why do you think Obama is doing a horrible job as president?

Please give honest logical reason that can't be compared to the job that the republican's have done in the past, for ex: The reason why Americas economy is bad is because the republicans out sourced the jobs (because of greed) to other countries. The housing bubble popped with a republican for president. The stock market crashed under the watch of a republican president.

If you don't like Obama just because of the color of his skin here's your chance to be honest, because from what I see Republicans have done a much greater disservice to America.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Let's see what the idiocracy says today about this. Maybe they learned something:

    1) "It's congress."

    So you don't like Obama because of congress?

    2) "He taxes the wealthy to give to the poor"

    Like every single president since the civil war - when we first had our fledgling welfare programs.

    Perhaps you wonder if Grant was born in the USA?

    3) "He's all talk and no action...he's a socialist"

    How can you be both a socialist and "all talk and no action"?

    4) "...pushing his radical ideology all the way.."

    Ah! The 'pushing down your throats argument'. If I get everyone to believe my lies about your policies and they don't like it, then it's your fault? Besides, you can't seriously have a party with a president who has the worst favorable rating of all time and then say we need to do what is popular.

    5) "Obama violates the Rights of the Individual." You mean because he regulates non-employer health insurance plans like employer health plans? Like he had a stimulus program that has been mentioned in every economic text book since 1940? Or do you mean because he funds the SEC, FDA, FHA, HUD, again, like every president since, say Nixon?

    6)" Trillions $$$$$ are being spent against his recovery programs". No, Tarp is over and it will likely end in a profit. The stimulus is just about over and had positive effect on the economy. But perhaps you would have liked the financial system to go bankrupt? hardly. The pubs only came out against this when Obama started to be for it, just as Bush was.

    7) "it would be useless to say anything to you..." Ah, the old standby -- I can't speak intelligently because you won't understand. That's so common among pubs it might be their second language

    Nope. Looks like they didn't learn anything at all!

  • Jim R
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    Personally, I believe he, like most other Higher Educated people, put more faith into theory than reality.

    They have spent a good portion of their lives(Schooling) believing in Hypothetical situations, Best Case Scenarios,Etc. and ignoring the fact that things don't work that way in the real world. Also this whole Blame game is getting tiring, If You do something and it doesn't work, don't point the finger at someone else, and take no responsibility!

    It's also sad that you have categorized in your mind that since he's Black (And you always fail to realize he's mulatto) That Republicans don't like him. But when there is a Conservative of color (Condolessa Rice, Colin Powell, Allen West) they're Uncle Toms, sell-outs etc.

    I also like how it's the Greed of Republicans that outsourced jobs overseas but not the Greed of the Unions. And if The Dems are so on the Peoples side, Why did Nancy Pelosi vote NOT to raise the minimum wage for workers in American Samoa? Because HER Husband owned a large amount of Stock in the Dole Corp. and they would have lost money.

    The Housing Bubble had more to do with Barney Frank Manipulating Freddy and Fannie than Bush. So if your going to spew, at least print the whole story, not the Grayson edited version.

  • Kim
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    4 years ago

    That's a good question, seeing that a lot of people is worshiping the guy. Hopefully, if he does make mistakes he doesn't pass the blame off to the last President. Any person whom runs for President during tough times, must be willing to take on the task and the criticism at hand, passing off any blame will only show weakness.

  • Kaci
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    9 years ago

    Obama is implementing socialist tactics and thought. He's against our Constitution and harbors great enmity with it. Socialism has failed in every nation that has used it and will continue to fail. After the Dems lose heavily this November and again in 2012 we will return to free enterprise and capitalism and vote the socialist jerks out of DC. The Repubs have back-slided under Bush but they will be monitored closely by WE THE PEOPLE without fail. Stop race baiting. I'm sick of it.

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  • 9 years ago

    Because he taxes the wealthy to give to the poor, unworking food stamp class then he reprimands them for being rich and white. He doesn't salute the flag, or visist arlington cemetery. He is spending a whole lotta money which the tax paying class will have to pay, just so the non working class can get free medical care. I have no politcal degree, and I watch very little news. Not even gonna bother using grramamamrm in this answer because you see this question 57 times a day.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The American way is for Individual Liberties. The Constitution was set up to protect the Rights of the Individual. Obama violates the Rights of the Individual. That makes him a failure.

    If anyone thinks Obama hasn't violated Individual Rights, they need to study Rights and Natural Law.

  • 9 years ago

    Way too many things to list. He's far too liberal in a center-right country. Isn't he supposed to be working for THE CITIZENS of the U.S.? He consistently and completely ignores the majority, pushing his radical ideology all the way. I can't wait until 2012 to kick his @ss out of the White House. Let's hope we can survive the damage.

    Of course, what can you expect from a "community organizer" who's handed the world's most powerful position?

  • 9 years ago

    Of course you have to bring race into the issue. Look, the reason many Americans don't like him is because he was all talk and no action, congress is corrupt, and some might say he's a Socialist. Race has nothing to do with his performance.

  • 9 years ago

    Trillions $$$$$ are being spent against his recovery programs and destruction by the Republicans representing foreign countries.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    "The stock market crashed under the watch of a republican president. "

    -And a democratic congress, your point? Both parties contributed to this current financial crisis. Obama's health-care bill won't help matters.

    "anyways hes taxing the richie rich"

    -One who makes 250,000, is not rich.

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