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Does anyone on here realize that Philip Roth is America's last real novelist?

If you read books like Twilight (or that kind of garbage literature), don't bother to answer my question.

Anyway, do you agree that Philip Roth is basically America's only remaining novelist?

Cormac = awful

Pynchon = awful

Dellilo = awful

Morrison = pretty good, but nothing compared to Roth

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    No. Roth is a fantastic and prolific novelist, but he's certainly not the only person doing important work in contemporary American literature.

    I love Cormac McCarthy. It's pretty ignorant to dismiss his contributions out of hand.

    Jonathan Franzen is a wonderful writer who is really tapping into the zeitgeist, as is Jonathan Safran Foer (regardless of whether you find his postmodern techniques gimmicky). Dave Eggers is coming into his stride, neck and neck with his wife Vendela Vida. Nicole Krauss, who happens to be Foer's wife, is winning accolades left and right.

    And let's not forget Joyce Carol Oates, who is still putting out amazing work.

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    I'm not a big fan of Philip Roth or Steven King for that matter. While both writers are popular, that's not the same as being great or "real" as you say.

    It's a mistake to count up the number of books an author has written and because certain writers sell more than others, equate that with being the best.

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    Really? You've read every American novelist currently writing?

    I agree there is a lot of bumpf, twaddle and just plain old crap out there, but I disagree with your statement that Roth is the last real novelist

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    I'll have to just say that I agree with a few of the posts that basically ask, "Why just one?" I just finished The Dying Animal today, and yes he can constantly amaze, yes he keeps me coming back. But, to use one of your examples, discounting authors like Pynchon is too much of a stretch. Before you look for unbiased yahooites, I suggest some introspection, because Literature, the sharing of ideas, the painting of words on a page, is so much bigger than any one author. I would make a numerous list of authors but do not want to open myself up for attacks based on my taste. Though, in your defense, you did pick a damn fine writer. Just not on board with the single-mindedness. Mike

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    Don't you realise that America has tens of thousands of novelists, not just five?

    LOL at someone who only reads books by famous authors turning up their nose at other people who read books by different famous authors.

    But hey, I'm pretty sure if you only accept answers from people who agree with you, then, wow, you'll find everyone agrees with you!

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    I do disagree. they are a lot of great novelist but all depends on what you like or not.

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    I like his last name, but there's plenty of good novelists doood, just depends what writing style your into... although not really . STEPHEN KING IS THE **** ,

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    Ever hear of Stephen King?

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    Source(s): I don't read baby, but I would definately read a novel if you wrote it...
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