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why do woman cheat on husbands/ boyfriends?

why do woman cheat on husbands/ boyfriends? Woman seem to sleep around with various men. They date multiple guys at the same time and tend to be really unfaithful. Is this because they are never satisfied, have no morals, think highly of them selves, or is it because they just love having sex with multiple guys. Why do woman do this, especially to nice guys?

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    Women cheat because they get bored just like men. Women have always cheated, they were just better liars and didn't go around bragging

    about it. Men usually tell a friend who happens to be married and he tells his wife. Well the wife will always tell a friend and so the story goes.

    When a woman cheats she tells no one. Women don't cheat for just the sex. It's all attention they get. Men always know just the right thing to say to draw you in. The first thing you know it goes from flirting to hugging and kissing. That might go on for a long time because she wants to soak up all the attention she isn't getting at home or from her boyfriend. It builds up over time. So when a woman cheats it is well thought out and planned. For a woman the chase is more important than the prize.

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    Hmm...I think you mean why do men cheat on wives/girlfriends? Men seem to sleep around with various women. they date multiple girls at the same time and tend to be really unfaithful. is this because they are never satisfied, have no morals, think highly of themselves, or is it because they just love having sex with multiple women? Why do men do this, especially to nice girls?

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    "why do woman cheat on husbands/ boyfriends?" Because it's a challenge. She may truly love her Hubby/Significant Other, but he just can't or won't please her sexually.

    Women are harder to please sexually, and apparently she's not getting what she needs at home.

    If she's sleeping around with various men, she must be really hard to please, and would never be happy with just one man anyway. Hell, some women require multiple partners.(Nymphomaniacs)

    Read an interview by Barbara Dare (Porn Star)...In the Interview, She said that after filming a porno with John Holmes (Porn Star) She was so torn up inside that she couldn't enjoy sex with her hubby for over 6 months, and even then it was never the same, as she'd been stretched so badly.

    Source(s): Penthouse Forum...
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    Well thats stereotypical. It doesn't matter what gender it is. People by human nature tend to be unfaithful if things don't satisfy or meet expectations.

    Women tend to think less of themselves so don't see it as it truly is, harmful and degrading not only for themselves, but for their partner.

    Men tend to think more of themselves, and therefore don't care about the woman they are sleeping with.

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    Because women crave more love, attention, affection. If their husband works all the time and he is in bed when hes off.

    She will seek attention from another man. It is unreasonably unfair for anyone to cheat.

    If a woman thinks they can rwcieve better love off someone else, they will go for it.

    Source(s): My mum was seeing another guy this time last year due i my dad working as she was off sick earning very little income. He left christmas eve, he was daft enough to come back to be honest. They are now working out their marriage in a new home together...awaiting the day she continues to see this guy...sectretly ongoing :(
  • I am going to be 100% honest I have..cheated...(just kissed talked to and went out sex) on 2 was the father of my child and one was a boyfriend who moved...I cheated on the father of my child because he was abusive and a guy friend of mine gave me comfort..turns out the father of my child was cheating on me with 3 different girls any ways so id...and the second boyfriend was only sweet when he wanted to be would only call, text or myspace me when HE felt like it...yet he would talk to other people on myspace n ****..which I think is rude...I needed attention so bad I started talking to the guy im with now dumped my old boyfriend and I have been completely happy and faithful since :)

    Source(s): hope this helped :)
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    The answer is the same as why men cheat on wifes/girlfriends.The main thing is horny.Both men and women Need Sex.When people can't suscumb to temptations,they cheat.They cheat because they just want to have sex with the person they are attracted to,but they do not want to break up with their spouse.If they Don't want to cheat,but fell in love with another person, they might choose to break up with their partners instead.

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    i believe that women want to be accepted they love attention and when they sleep or date multiple attention they are not pushing other men away with being too obsessive, they also have no morals, and they are insecure and this is away that boosts their self esteem i guess... but they tend to hurt the ones that would treat them right... im sorry you will find a good girl for you =)

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    Nice women don't cheat on their husbands or boyfriends although it does seems today's generation have no morals. it is shameful what some girls do but haven't guys been doing those same shameful things to women sense forever. It's getting harder and harder to find a girl you would be proud to take home to meet your mother.

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    You've made a capital error bro... think that because men value niceness in women, that women should value it in men.


    Men and women are DIFFERENT!

    Women want strength, ambition, loyalty, moral authority, courage, capacity, and determination in men.

    They don't value our NICENESS very high at all.

    So start working on your masculine strengths. Don't make the mistake that women should want the same things we want.

    Good Luck!

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