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但我很想有個正式的婚禮,請問台灣登記結婚了~還可以在美國Las Vegas公證結婚嗎?

是不是一些美國大的企業..在申請綠卡比較快也不會刁難? 如果夫妻一起申請~大概多久會下來? 聽說半年

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    You可以在美國Las Vegas公證結婚 since you do not have any marriage record in US. The required document may vary by state, thus check the required document online before you go. As long as you can prove you are legally married couple, you can apply green card with your husband. You have to provide either your Taiwan marriage certificate translated in English and certified by the Taiwan culture office in US or the marriage certificate from Las Vegas ( Nevada ). Most likely it will take more than 6 months. It dependents on how many people is in the processes of applying the green card by each country. For example, there many people want to get a green card from India , thus it will wait longer. Usually it will take about 1 year. One of my employee (came from Taiwan ) takes 13 months to get approval, another Chinese employee took 18 months. There should be no problem to apply green card in a big company, while small company usually will have rule regarding when the company will provide the document to apply the green card for you. You are free to work for any company after you get green card, thus many company will not apply green card for H1 unless you work there for a few years. Always need to check company’s policy and managers. Company is not obligation to apply green card for employee and it costs a few thousand for the application

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    聽說半年? 是誰說的? 每個地區的檔案多少會影響到辦理的速度.

    當然可以在美國Las Vegas公證結婚; 你的婚姻就像賭博一樣;有一天也會泡湯!

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