Whats a response to Wie viele CDs hast du?

In German we had a lesson today and Im very confused on this particular sentence and a few others like:

Hast du am Sonntag Zeit?

Um wie viel Uhr beginnt deine Schule?

Thanks so much for the help (:

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  • 9 years ago
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    A answer of wie viele cd`s hast du is ich habe 3 cd´s.

    "Hast du am Sonntag zeit" mean have you time at sunday and a answer of this is "Ja habe ich" and negative "Nein habe ich nicht"

    Um wie viel uhr beginnt deine schule mean when begin your school and a answer is "Meine Schule beginnt um 7.45 Uhr."

    Source(s): i`m from germany
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