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what is the latest time of day the united states postal service will deliver once departed from facility?


what is the latest time of day WILL the united states postal service deliver TO MY DOOR once THE PACKAGE HAS departed from facility?

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    United postal services times are from 8:00am to 4:30pm most likely if you are the last route you will receive mail at the latest time of 3:30pm.

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    Generally, they want us back in the building by 5 PM (and it's usually demanded), but management has the right to work us until all the mail is delivered. It depends on the workload and the amount of manpower. Most days, you should get your mail around the same time. Heavier days, like Tuesdays after Monday holidays, and days where we are short-staffed and have to cover open routes with the people we have - we do our routes plus take up to two hours on the street from an open route- can push delivery times back. When we are short, we have gone up to 6 PM or a little after. If necessary, to be able to leave the office early to allow for that extra street time, we are instructed to leave bulk advertisements for the next day (first in-first out rule), but all first class mail and packages are delivered.

    Source(s): Letter carrier 31 years.
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    This depends on the day.

    But once the mailman has put your mail in your mailbox that is the only time anything will be delivered in that particular day.

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    Question isn't clear....Once the package or mail is in the truck..what time do they stop delivering? They probably knock off at 5:00.

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    depends on route they have

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