On this road to the City, Transfiguration question?

Really what does that mean?

A change of form or appearance, the dictionary says!

Well okay, but have you ever used that word except to refer to a Bible story

Let's face it: Transfiguration, isn't rally part of our everyday vocabulary! It a word we save for God-speak!

Can you explain what think it means?

a strange mysterious word

that Bible writers use to describe Jesus

turning all bright and shining

when he gets together with a couple of very old prophets

on top of a hill.


The disciples saw this, three of them, and they saw Radiance all over Jesus!

How many experience this in life ?

Update 2:

Soooo... how easy is this for a person to achieve..?

Update 3:

how many people do you know who are actually Ascended? How does one, think they can reach ascension... within themselves... without The Living God Coming into them...

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    Peter James and John and He the fourth

    The three were the future of expression of Christ as Who God had chosen to lead the way as paradise members as membrane but the form of each was to fare by grace, with all creation, as choice and deeded and what is known to be true, until He comes. As in all things possible; but the bottom line one King was needed as kind to all as true Love to all in all of one God and LORD. And Him all ready set forth as me-tä-mor-fo'-ō a five syllable word as eternal form as the Transfigure all set in His Son, Jesus the Christ; so the power of all power spoke as what is good. And the three with him seen and heard from the higher power and of his choice; His glory in his voice unto his Son in whom was illuminated He spoke and said He was well pleasing unto Him. This made the vote done as forever.

    For this was the score of all things, of all things created from God’s own heart and the show in whom things to come as show’s of force try to de bunk His Son Jesus the Christ if so take up beyond Him. But in God’s own heart and not any lie He so did speak and so is done unto Himself for the glory of all until end of all things will stand.

    And so we live in this battle and discovery of which we serve, by our own will, choose as God has given----- as he left the door open till the end. And so His creation has choice and free will but only truth will live as him in the end as natural of him the pure will. As so in the transfigured one state made its only stand needed, So it will Just Be the servant which makes the way of his. So his will as live and them will Love, for they seen the Love of God; the bounds were loosest to live by His Love of things in all, for all times to come.

    Times and epoch are times of word wide change and the sun and its revelation from source of as subdue takes its form in the revelation of God as the one source of judgment so makes straight the way of the forth. And the movement of as said is Jesus Christ as ends, will face as the face of as justice served of Him as times which are of this day in him; the wonder of the fourth will last and so on will make stand till the end, but onward till the end will only the third and forth in his as him stand to the next for nothing more was every needed that was not already said and done. So how great is this second coming? For he who has ears to hear let him hear.

    Carey In you all

    My Lord Jesus Christ have His way, as Jesus told Peter, the first ....“Follow Me”

    ““He saith unto him, Feed my lambs. “”

    ““He saith unto him, Tend my sheep. “”

    ””Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep””


    Source(s): Church Of the Father and the Son ,In You, making way of the true fourth>>>>>>>>>>>
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    The original Gree is metamorphoo (English metamorphosis) meaning:

    Lexicon Results Strong's G3339 - metamorphoō μεταμορφόω




    me-tä-mor-fo'-ō (Key)

    Part of Speech


    Root Word (Etymology)

    From μετά (G3326) and μορφόω (G3445)

    TDNT Reference



    View Entry

    Outline of Biblical Usage

    1) to change into another form, to transform, to transfigure

    a) Christ appearance was changed and was resplendent with divine brightness on the mount of transfiguration

    Click for Synonyms

    Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 4 AV — transfigure 2, transform 1, change 1

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    I think the image the writers were searching for was found in "Barry Gordy's The Last Dragon."

    At the end of the movie, Leroy Green (Taimak) is in a fight with Sho'nuff, the Shogun of Harlem, (Julius Carry). In the movie, Sho'nuff has received the 'glow' that comes with becoming a Master, but only in his hands (limited). While Leroy is being beaten, tortured, and ordered to say that Sho'nuff is THE master, we see a transformation occur in Leroy, as he remembers the lessons he has learned. Slowing, as it dawns on him, he realizes that HE is The Master, and the master he has been searching for. At this point, his whole body begins to Glow, and he suddenly becomes the Martial Arts Master, beating Sho'nuff, and winning the heart of the beautiful Laura Charles (the equally stunning Vanity).

    This is, basically, a modern version of the 1970s version with Bruce Lee, where he too finds the Glow of Mastery. The allusion is clear, enlightenment leads to a transformation in the body, mind, and soul.

    I suspect that this, often shown as a mere halo around someone's head, most often a Prophet, and is extended in this case to show the superiority of Christ.

    And, coming to mind, I think I WILL "marcha your feetsa to Daddy Greene's pizza," as I haven't had a meal yet. Sorry guys, my stomach calls. :)

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    Well, Jerusalem was part of the Roman Empire at the time. In fact, Herod and his descendants had close ties to the royal families of Rome. It was a pretty quick trip once Paul began preaching his version. Within a few decades after Christ's death there where Christian cults throughout the realm.

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    It simply means that the Glory of God that was dwelling inside Jesus (He was filled with The Spirit beyond measure, whereas we have a measure), came to envelope His very Person and on the occasion of Him meeting with Moses, and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration the Glory of God was visible to the eyes of men.

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    I like Muldah's answer from the Greek Dictionary. I do believe she's correct and that Jesus was transformed.

    Yet what amazes me is that after seeing that happen to Jesus the disciples still had periods of doubt and it wasn't until when they were in the Upper room that they all said that they finally believed Jesus was who He said He was. (John 16:25-31)

    I believe that in the spirit world we who are 'in Christ' have that radiance. That's why Jesus speaking to His followers said, "You are the light of the world" in Matt. 5. That word "you" there in the Greek means "You and You alone!" are the light of the world.

    I heard of a preacher who had just returned from a missions trip overseas. He was totally exhausted and drained so his church sent him to a spa for a week to recover. A week later as he was checking out one of the ladies behind the desk said to him, "You're a Christian aren't you?" He replied, "Yes, I am." She responded with a snarl, "I knew it! I'm a witch and when you came in you had light all around you. It's like that every time I see Christians you all have light around you!"

    I also heard of a Philip-piano pastor who had started a church many years back in the Philippines. One day the rebels came and took him and decided to kill him. They took him out in the jungle and told him to start digging his grave and they'd be back to shoot him. He got so mad at why God would allow this to happen. His wife had just given birth to their first baby and he was working hard in the ministry. After venting for a while he heard a little voice in his spirit say, "Just think you'll be with Jesus soon!" He said when he heard that all of his anger faded away and he got really excited. He kept saying, "I'm gonna be with Jesus soon! I'm gonna be with Jesus soon!" He began to praise the Lord and released his family to the Lord trusting Him to look after them. As he sang, unbeknownest to him, he began to physcially shine like a lightning bug. By this time it was dark and the rebels heard all his singing and came running to see what was happening. When they got there they were stunned because he was literally glowing! They ran away very afraid. They were ex-Catholic and knew that if someone was transfigured like that it was a God thing.

    How many have experienced this physically? I don't know. But I believe Christians do. We are "children of the light." (Eph. 5:8)

    "For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light..." Eph. 5;8

    Source(s): LOB Dr. Malcolm Smith
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    The LBGT community prefers "Transgendered" now.

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