how do I find out the name of my land line carrier for my phone?

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  • joe r
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    10 years ago
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    you should know who your local telephone service provider is...

    but if you are not sure you can put your number into and it will tell you the original telephone service provider, and the current provider if the number has been ported....

    BUT - if your local telephone service provider is a reseller of the RBOC and does not have their own switch at the central office, the above site will show the RBOC name, and not your actual local provider (CLEC)

    to find out your long distance provider you can call 1-700-555-4141

  • tepper
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    4 years ago

    land-line is an enduring connection. As such, VoIP isn't landline, for the reason that if the potential is going out, so does the telephone provider. no longer a great deal in recent times interior the age of cellular telephones with batteries. yet regardless. in case you have known telephone provider, no longer VoIP with the aid of a cable or internet provider, your telephone will artwork without potential (Assuming you're employing a known under pressure out telephone). it fairly is a land-line in it fairly is truest sort.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    look at the bill you pay every month. it should say at the top. good luck.

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