Anyone been to Djibouti?

Can you please explain anything about living there? the culture etc. If possible I want to know the experiences from person that really been there, not just average information from googling.

thank you

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    Djibouti used to be part of Somalia but was separated by the French who colonized the region (Britain, Italy, Ethiopia and Kenya took other parts of Somalia). So Djiboutis are Somalis whose native tongue is Somali and follow mainly Somali culture with some French influences and the population is fluent in both Somali and French.

    Based on what S@fi@ said, it sounds a lot like Somalia. From what I've heard, there's lots of goats roaming around in Somalia since many people rely on their herd (made up of goats and camels) for their meat. Somali and Djibouti men probably enjoy meeting at restaurants to chat with their friends and relatives. The women often visit one another or gather to sip tea and chat, the children can play with the neighbourhood kids. If you go to visit Djibouti, you will find the people very generous, warm and welcoming. They are talkative, lively, and religious (Djiboutis are Muslims).

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    I'm Djiboutian and when i went there to go visit my family it was really nice. There's lots of resturants everywhere when you go there. Bunch of farm animals roaming around (ex: goats, sheeps, and chickens). Its really HOT, so there will be alot of people at the beaches and stuff. Djibouti is really a nice area to live in, from the valleys to their beaches and people.

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