did u know the studio wanted Matthew McConaughey for Titanic?

until James Cameron went through crap to convince them to get Leonardo Dicaprio.....even though Leo didn't want to do the movie at first

Matthew McConaughey is tied for worst actor with Keanu Reeves to me

do you think McConaghey would've messed up Titanic with his horrible acting?

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    Matthew McConaughey would not have fit in with the movie. He's too goofy and lighthearted for an intense movie like Titanic.

    As for James Cameron, anything he puts his name on seems to result in an Oscar, since he only makes a movie like every 10 years or so. So I'm not sure McConaughey's role would've made a difference on the award front. People might've thought Cameron was going for irony.

    And come on, now, Keanu Reeves isn't such a bad guy, I know him. My grandpa's building his new house.

    It would hardly be a tie, because Matthew McCounaghey is just AWFUL. At least Keanu Reeves has "Babes in Toyland" and "The Matrix" under his belt. What's McConaughey got? "Fool's Gold" and a bunch of editorial shots of him without his shirt on.

    P.S.: Thank you for this question, because you have helped me learn how to spell his last name.


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    they also wanted toby macguire, which is ironic, because he and leo are really good friends. i can think of lots worse than keanu for sure. he was good in bill and ted(haha), and he was really good in the movie he did with river phoenix(it was done by gus van sant), i also liked him in speed. McConaughey is okay, he is cute, so it makes him tolerable. but, you gotta admit, he did good in "Dazed and confused".

    worse actor though would definitely be van damme and he doesnt even do his own fight scenes. also, i think ben affleck is nothing great. but, that is just my opinion. i am a girl by the way. i just have this name.

  • 1 decade ago

    Gwyneth Paltrow was also the first choice for Rose. Would a Paltrow and McConaughey TITANIC been as big?

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