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How do you like these baby names?

First, I'm not pregnant or planning on having a baby too terribly soon. My fiance and I just enjoy thinking about names for our future children. These are what we've come up with:


Killian Jay

Gunner Kros

Tyson Xander


Kitalyn Maddox (Kitalyn is a family name)

Collins Bryleigh

Cheyne Jaxon

I'm open to hearing all opinions. Let me know what you like and what you dislike. Also, give me YOUR ideas on some original name 'cause I love reading them.

My only request is for rude and/or sarcastic people to not answer. Basically, adults only. :)

(P.S. Cindy, I know you'll read this so I just wanted to say CONGRATS on being a creepy stalker!)


I thought I was pretty clear but let me try again...

I'm fine with hearing negative feedback. I'm NOT fine with rudeness. If you don't like one then say so, but do NOT be rude about it. Again, Adult answers only.

Update 2:

Remy - Perfect answer. Told me what you liked and what you didn't WITHOUT being rude. :)

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    Gunner and Tyson and Jay are my favorites for the boys.

    Bryleigh is adorable! I've never heard of that name but I love it! I would use that as a first name, probably. It's too pretty to be a middle name.

  • C.A.L
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    Killian Jay- Killian is not my favorite name, but I like the middle name Jay. Killian Jay does flow nice together though

    Gunner Kros- I love the name Gunner!!! Kros isn't my favorite though, I'd pair Gunner with Jay.

    Tyson Xander- I like both of these names, and they sound nice together


    Kitalyn Maddox (Kitalyn is a family name)- I've never heard the name Kitalyn before, its ok but not my favorite, but bc its a family name, it makes it better. And there could be some cute nick names from the name. Maddox is an ok middle name

    Collins Bryleigh- Collins is ok, and I love the name Bryleigh, I would change the names around to Bryleigh Collins

    Cheyne Jaxon- Love Cheyne as a girls name, it is really cute!!! I dont like it paired with Jaxon though. But I do like the initils C.J.

    Some other original names:







    Acen (like jason but without the A)

    Koden or Koda

    Ory (this is my brothers name)










    I love orginal names!!

  • Remy
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    For the boys I like Gunner, but not Kros. I think it sounds better with Jay. I also really love the name Xander. I think you should switch it with Tyson so Xander is the first name.

    Kitalyn is really surprising and very pretty, but it's also unusual, so I think a more traditional middle name would be better. Like Kitalyn Michelle. I don't like Collins or Bryleigh, and Cheyne Jaxon (is that pronounced like Shane Jackson?) is much too masculine. Unisex names are great but with girls you really need to be careful to keep it from sounding too butch.

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    Ha-ha! I thought my husband and I were the only ones that did this...thinking of names before we are even trying to get pregnant! Very cool.

    So, I like Tyson and Collins out of the names you have above. But, I am more of the classical/traditional name giving type of person, so I wouldn't like the names you have above because they are very unique. Probably better for you to take the opinion from people who actually like unique names like that. Good luck finding the perfect name!!

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  • LoveV
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    For the boys names, I only like Tyson but Xander sucks. I don't like any of the girl's names you chose.

  • Anonymous
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    How Do you pronounce Kitalyn? (KITE-AH-LYN) that is my daughters name and i have not heard it anywhere else before.

    Boy: Tyson Xander

    Girl: Kitalyn Maddox (obviously!)

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    I don't like any of the names, your kids are going to be made fun of.

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