How democratic are elections in the United States?

This is my essay question that I need to be prepared for..

in my opinion, i think it's fairly (maybe i'm totally wrong :p) democratic in the way that pluralist groups can also have their say but on the other hand, the electoral college proves that it's not necessarily that majority vote will win

i have to consider:

- the role of the media

- the way that campaigns are structured

- & how elections are run

thanks :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    Totally to the contrary, for the citizens there is NO democracy! For 234 years USA has been a Constitutional Republic some say Banana Republic because the top 20% income earners have 85% of the nations wealth. The dominate 2 party system the election process,Capitalism & trickle around never down wealth economics are all by design of the wealth few plutocracy to keep rule & control over the citizen majority.

    In a True direct daily Democracy the citizens have full legislative rule & control over money,business & govt. We would have govt workers as fire at will employees only and co-ownership by all citizens in big corporate business.

    The system we have had for 234 years has always kept the wealthy at the helm with no financial security for the citizen majority or any legal direct rule & control on a daily basis over money,business or Govt. Got to end & totally remove representative govt to get correct citizen check & balace that not been available to us in 234 years. Hence business & govt must have citizen aproval & we will be imposible to be bribed by the wealthy few.

    Real Democracy for the citizens is unknown to most Americans in short if 51% of the citizens say there will be FREE money to all native Americans & 49% say there will be NO free money for native americans the 51% win the rule of law. Our current system keeps all this power in the hands of the few! Which also means the average person has NO direct say rule or control over anything important.

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  • 4 years ago

    they at the instant are not democratic. while the republicans are not rigging the equipment, you nonetheless only ought to %. between tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum. And interior the tip, they are going to the two save the status quo. although, while you are going to be pragmatic approximately it, %. the least undesirable: democrats.

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  • probably 75 to 80 percent.

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