Benefits i get with a chapter 8 from the army?

am a PFC with 27 months TIS. I am 22 weeks pregnant and debating whether or not to take the Chapter 8. I originally turned it down but am now thinking other wise. my biggest problem is that i have talked to everyone. JAG, Education, and no one can seem to tell me whether or not i will still receive any GI Benefit with only 27 months TIS and if i do how much. I have the MGIB and dont know how to apply for the post 9/11 GIB. I also would like to know what other benefits i am entitled to as far as medical and VA ( i know i get delivery and all paid for). Plus my husband is AD as well.

*please no rude stuff about getting out of deployment and stuff. that's really no one else's businesss*


i did ask the guy gave me a number that didnt work.

Update 2:

And the chapter 8 is an honerable discharge

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    As long as you have over 180 days of military service you can qualify for the post 911 gi bill. However, you need 36 months to get the full benefits. If you have less, then the amount is reduced based on the percentage of 36 months that you have served. That means that you can still get bah if you enroll in an accredited bricks and mortar school (not online). However, you would probably get around 80% of the benefit amount not 100% ( )

    You still qualify for a va loan since you have over 180 days as well. In terms of medical, you really would not get much medical benefits unless you have a service connected disease or injury.

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    You stopped at the education center and you don't know how to apply for Post 9/11 GI Bill? You need to return to the education center and get the right answers. There are a dozen pamphlets by the door and a couple counselors. If one of them can't tell you the right answer, call your post commander and have them fired! It all comes down to what type of discharge you receive under a Chapter eight. If you are considering that as an option, you must have learned what you will receive.

    You can also learn about all your VA benefits at the link below.

    Source(s): 25 years active Army service.
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    Chapter 8 Military Discharge

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    Haven't read the legislation lately but I *thought* you only needed like one year active service to start getting benefits. May not be full scale but it should be some. The military chaplains seem to be pretty competent, maybe you should ask one? If all else fails go read the bill and the post 9/11 updates to it. I am surprised you didn't get an answer from JAG.

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    You'll probably only get back the money you paid into GI Bill already. Contact the VA. JAG and Ed don't know ****, it isn't their job. The VA will be able to tell you what you can do. With you hubby A.D. you may be able to use his GI Bill, and he can use the Post 9/11. Unless they changed rules since my buddy did that two or three years ago.

    Hope this helped, good luck, and congrats on the little storm trooper.



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    it use to be 18 months of service to get your GI Bill... as for any other benefits, I don't think you are eligible for any

    Source(s): U.S.Army Disabled Veteran 19K20 M1A1 Abrams 1990-1996
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    With 27 months in, you are probably ineligible for gi benefits because you did not complete your enlistment. Sorry, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

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