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Does anyone own Ghost Seeking or Ghost Hunting by Jason Hawes?

SOOO.....i wanted to check out these books at my library but they are checked out...and im tempted to just go to borders to buy them..or i could even read them...there...anyway i dont have time today im just curious..if you own these books what is jason hawes personal experience..im super curious to know..just a outline of it. also Grants too.

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    If you are referring to the Ghost Hunters Book written a few years back by both Jason and Grant, I found it at Barnes & Noble. I didn't purchase it, I read it over a coffee in about an hour, I'm a fast reader. They still don't talk in detail about their first personal experiences but they do talk about the early days of TAPS. They have a particularly hair raising story about a demon in an apartment building. If I remember correctly it moved a refrigerator. However the owner told them they weren't allowed to keep the evidence so they have no proof of it as is often the case in the study supernatural..ie everyone saw it but there's no picture lol.

    The most interesting part of the book is how much time Jason and Grant spend complaining about Bryan (one of the original team, the guy who is famous for hollering DUDE RUN!). After a point I was asking if Bryan was so bad, why did they keep him on the team? At one point they even go as far to say Bryan believes in ridiculous things like vampires. In fact they should have named the book, We Hate You Bryan, and it would have been a more accurate title and Bryan may have even scored some royalties.

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    I didn't realize they put those first experiences in a book. They've always been very tight lipped about them, when they've been asked before. I also didn't realize there were books. I wonder if they'll have them at the show this weekend....

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