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Going on a study exchange to Pennyslvania from England.. Advice?

In Febuary i am set to go to IUP, pennyslvannia for a semester(term). I have never been to USA and have always wanted to go.

Can anyone give any advice in how it differs from UK on a social point of view. Like these things called Frat parties and stuff.

Also, how do americans percieve english people.

Thanks for any help.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Americans have no problems with English people. If anything, they'll love your accent. IUP is about 60 miles from Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is a major city, but I think IUP is in a small town in a more rural area. You'll be several hours' drive (6ish? More?) from places like NYC and Philly, Boston and DC, but you should take trips to these places while you're in the US. A six hour drive for a trip is not considered excessive in the US, which is HUGE. The state of Pennsylvania alone is larger than the nation of England.

    In the US, most uni rooms are shares, not singles as they often are in the UK. Normally, the dining hall is outside the building. There often is some sort of kitchen in your residence hall, where you can cook some things for yourself if you'd like.

    Frat parties are big drinking parties. The US uni drinking scene is very different from the UK. As you may know, the legal drinking age in the US is 21, which means that most drinking at unis is under-age, and thus illegal. The campus itself will normally be dry (no alcohol available or allowed, except maybe in certain areas, such as if there is a campus restaurant that serves, or a bar - but that's not overly common), but parties do occur in people's rooms or at the frats, or off campus. But there's no pub in the residence hall, as there often is in the UK, because few people living in the hall are of legal drinking age.

    At a US uni, some people drink and party, and others do not. No matter what, you'll find your social niche. IUP is big enough that all sorts of people, with lots of different interests go there. You'll find your niche.

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