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for bartenders and anyone interested ...?

in your opnion, at a club, bar, nice restaurant, and/or event,

which are the top ten most ordered drinks?

i might say: martinis, manhattans, whisky or bourbon on the rocks, vodka tonic, gin and tonic, vodka cranberry, rum n coke, long island ice teas, jack n coke, captain n coke.

i'm a restuarnat server at a greek place and that's what i see the most. i would like to become a bartender and am trying to train myself a little so that someone will hire me, without actual bartending experience...but as a very experienced server who can make drinks.... anyways, your input is appreciated. also, any good halloween costume ideas? i'm 29 yrs old, female, cute brunette tall and amazon-like, not petite,not overweight, just overall proportionate. i want to look super cute at this party. what about one of those swiss or german beer stein girls? what would you call that costume?

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    There are many TOP 10 Mixed Drinks lists on the web. They do not all agree, of course, as such lists tend to be more subjective than objective. But the consensus for the number one mixed drink in the USA seems to be the Margarita, followed by a Rum n Coke. Long Island Ice Teas are right up there too. Note also, some drinks tend to be more seasonal than others. For example, a Gin & Tonic would be out of place in Chicago in January, but commonplace on the beaches of Miami any month of the year. There ya go!

    Oktoberfest dresses, some racy?

    And thanks to the esteemed Cristina above:

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    So their are too many "Top 10" drinks to know. You just need to know the basics. Its really easy to make a Vodka & Cranberry. haha Same with Vodka Tonic and whatnot. You should know Margarita, Manhattan, and Martinis (remember their are different forms) The Teas are a good one too (Long Island Iced Tea, Tokyo Tea, ect. They are actually all the same almost.. just different floats and garnishes and a couple added ingredents... but generally its almost the same drink..)

    You should start off as a Barback or even a Cocktail waitress and work your way up.

    Or you can go to a Bartending School. (Thats what I did, and I DONT REGRET IT!)

    Bartending School is great if you dont know squat about bartending.

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    its called a german dirndl or bar maid girl. and that is pritty much the majority of drinks ordered

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    I like your suggestion of beer girls though you can find other Halloween costume ideas online as well.

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    rum n coke

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