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Bruce Lee vs. Jet Li?

Who wins? Of course, Bruce Lee is the best, most respected martial artist of all time. Jet Li is also a great, respected martial artist and is a Wushu champion I believe. Just for fun, who do you think wins in a legit fight between the two. Support your opinions


"Not being an ignorant douche who thinks that flashy, hollywood fighters are the greatest thing ever."

Good one guy! Im an ignorant douche who thinks that hollywood fighters are the greatest thing ever huh? Of course I do, was Bruce Lee not a hollywood fighter? Please do not call someone else ignorant when in fact you are the ignorant one. You probably dont even study martial arts...just sit on the computer and read Wiki all day. SMH

I guess you missed the part where i said "for fun" as in this question is indisputable but let's see people's opinions anyway. You are the douchebag sir, despicable pond scum

Update 2:

Lets not forget that although Jet Li studied primarily Wushu, he has still trained in other forms of martial arts. Someone cannot watch his movies such as Fearless, Unleashed and Fist of Legend and honestly think that he only knows Wushu. His fighting style in Fist of Legend is extremely effective and almost like JKD. I know for a fact he has studied different forms of kung fu. Bruce Lee in my opinion would win though. It would be a great fight(both are fast, effective, extremely tough, and asian) :)

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    All new school MMA fighters hate Lee because they wish they had Lees skill. Most MMA guys cant even throw a side kick so they only thing they can cry about is that Lee made films. Jet Li grew up in a era that didnt have MMa and making films is the only way to make a good living. Jet has great skill, and NO MMA fighter can do half of what jet can do. No one is going to the movies to see wrestling. As far as fighting Bruce, Bruce would beat Li very easy. Bruce learned from all legends of his era, Parker, Lebell, Lewis, Jay and so many Real masters of his era. Li learned from great masters but isolated from the rest of the world..

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    while i want to say bruce because, well, he's american and he's probably the best martial artist of his time... jet li is also a world champion, but probably not the best martial artist of his time. REmember, Bruce created his own style from jeet. after studying jeet kune do style (i say study as in reading, not kicking), i think the next evolution would have to be MMA. and i think bruce displayed that so gracefully in his movies... i mean the arm bars, the head locks and then he's all kicking and blocking at the same time... he fights you in close with judo and wrestling and grappling styles or from a far with lightning fast kicks and jabs, or with weapons. as a matter of fact, i remember he interviewed one time he said he was more afraid of a knife fighter that knew what he was doing than a guy with a gun! as strength-wise, they are about the same height but jet li is a little heavier looking. bruce was nothing but skin, bone and muscle! i think bruce is a little faster too but jet li may have more endurance considering he was fighting adults all his life! in a fight to the death, i don't really know who would win. in a MMA style fight with rules... Bruce all the way.

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    Jet Li For real

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    Bruce Lee

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    What you mean with a "legit" fight ..?

    You mean fighting like UFC, K1 or normal street fight ..?

    If you put 2 fighters that great against eachother, it will depend on so many factors.

    Even tho Bruce has more power & speed, all Lee needs is a chance.

    Bruce makes a wrong move, and it's over.

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    Bruce Lee would win. Simply because his explosive speed and power was far superior. He was studied by kinesiologists that basically called him a freak of nature. The reason? His power generated was "wrong" for his size. He was roughly 5'8 145-150 and was able to explode with blazing speed and force of a man several times his size and weight. Not to mention his untouchable skill set.

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    Hi everybody.

    In my opinion, both Jet Li and the death of two star dragon is very famous and successful.

    Everyone has their own strength.

    It is difficult to compare a subjective way.

    People can see through a Jet Li movie.

    link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-s4JaGRLFY

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    If I am being pedantic, Jet Li has the advantage as he is alive. But in the hypothesis I think at their peak Lee would win in a fight despite both being amazing, this is because Lee had more training surrounding combat than Jet Li and would just edge him since Li's fighting is more cinematic and acrobatic. But it would be close, since on screen Li has a much more realistic and effective fighting style (e.g Unleashed) than some of Lee's work (e.g. Enter the Dragon) that was closer to dancing than fighting, and Jet Li does seem to be faster and uses a wider range of moves, but Lee's are more effective and better executed. But in saying both would get their arses kicked by Tony Jaa

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    Well Bruce Lee HANDS DOWN simply for this reason.......

    Bruce Lee's training was used for EVERY DAY LIFE and the prospect of PRACTICAL USE IN AN ACTUAL FIGHT, it wasnt intended for "Hollywood Cinema" a lucky director just picked up on how fast and fluid his motions were WITHOUT THE USE OF CAMERA TRICKS and made him a great opportunity to showcase his talents and make money for his family.........

    Jet Li uses his martial arts skill FOR CINEMA USE

    although Li's style would make a very unique fight Bruce would win and then offer to train with him to pick up some of the techniques and add them to his own

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    Jet Li far surpasses Bruce Lee in technique and ability.

    Jet Li was the Wu Shu champion of all communist China at age 19.

    Bruce Lee studied Wing Chun in Hong Kong under sifu Yip Man for only four years!!! Bruce Lee's martial arts ability was a work in progress.

    Jet Li would kick Bruce Lee around the house like a red headed step child!!!

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