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Upgrade from Abec 7 bearings on my skateboard (cruiserboard)?

I'm looking to upgrade the bearings on my Globe Tracer (31")

At the moment I have the stock Globe Abec 7's and I'm looking for new bearings that will roll longer and go faster, but I don't want to go so fast that I stack it on every hill, as my board isn't made for speed.

So what is a good bearing that will roll for ages, faster than the 7's but not insane and is not too expensive (budget around $50 Australian)

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    Unless your bearings are really pathetic, bearings won't do anything significant.

    Your wheels have much more effect on your speed and the lubricant in the bearing has more effect than different (good) bearings.

    ABEC is not related to speed or quality. It is a measure of vibration in high speed tools that would take speeds of around 190 mph to be equivalent on skates or a board.

    If your bearings are sluggish, you can clean them out and relube them or find any good quality bearings.

    Any of the high end brands will roll well and last well. Bones, Zero Drag, and Twin Cam are all very good. Twin Cam is known for being resistant to rust if you go through water and Bones for "rusting on humid days".

    I happen to use Zero Drag from www.rollerbob.com (an inline skate vendor) because I know Bob. He got into the business because he hated paying the prices stores charged for parts and is a fanatic about his wheels and bearings.

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    Globe Abec 7 Bearings

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