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( B )11.We saw the man ___________ out of the gate.(A) to go (B) go (C) to going (D) went( A )12.My grandparents make ___________ a rule to keep early hours.(A) it (B) this (C) that (D) what( D )13.The policeman told those boys ___________ in the street.(A) not play (B) to not play (C) didn't play (D) not to play( C )14.We do not own the building; ___________, it would be impossible for us to make any major changes to it. (A) otherwise (B) nevertheless (C) as a result (D) however( C )15.Our dining table is ___________ that one.(A) as two times as long (B) as long two times as (C) two times as long as (D) long as two times than( A )16.I would rather stay at home studying English ___________ go shopping on such a rainy day.(A) than (B) then (C) instead (D) but(AC) 17.Whenever my car gets dirty, I always have my son ___________ my car.(A) wash (B) washed (C) wash (D) washing( A )18.The little girl got lost. ___________ what to do next, she started to cry.(A) Not knowing (B) Not known (C) Knowing not (D) Because not knowing( D )19.___________ math, Jimmy also failed Chinese and English last semester.(A) Except (B) In addition (C) Apart (D) Besides( B )20.Be sure to wear a helmet when riding a bike. It can protect your head ___________ getting injured if a car accident occurs. (A) aside (B) from (C) for (D) by

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    第1:see是感官動詞 後面來了動作加原型 或Ving 故選A

    2:make it a rule 片語 把...定成規則;習慣於...

    3:told是tell的過去試 後面動詞加To VR 否定not to VR 故D

    4:As a result 總而言知


    6:rather....than 寧可....不願...

    7:使易動詞用法 have S VR

    8:不知要... 原句 I don't know... 省略後改分詞購句 故A

    9:besides ...除了....

    10:protect....from 保護....免於....

    希忘有幫助 這些都是要記的英文文法

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