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語言學The maxims of manner 舉例

語言學The maxims of manner


說話要簡潔有力 不要太冗長 說太多對方聽不懂的行話 術語

純粹只是想看看更多關於The maxims of manner 的例子對話

大大們可以把有看過或從考題上看過的範例列出讓我看嗎 謝謝

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    Maxim of MannerBe ClearAvoid obscurity of expression.Avoid ambiguity.Be brief (avoid unnecessary prolixity).Be orderly.Example:

    A:Can you take out the trash?

    B Improper:Well, it is probable that I would take out the trash more often if someone weren't flagrantly wasteful, such that the majority of trash weren't always coming from that person.

    B Proper:Sure, but we need to talk about how we are assigning the chores around here when I get back.

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