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    12. this agreement concludes signing officially after both sides starts to become effective, validity duration and academic exchanges agreement synchronization. If has a side university to propose agreement revision request, after two university agreements may carry on the correction procedure. Any side university all may propose the written enter charges against six months ago, terminates this agreement. 13. even if this agreement expires, in exchange student who depends on this agreement stipulation matriculation in semester, two universities still should provide the above stipulation each support. 14. this agreement should have the Japanese, the Chinese two kind of editions, and two kind of editions with have the potency.

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    12. This Agreement will become effective after officially signed by both parties on the Agreement. The effective period of the Agreement is synconizes with the Academic Exchange Agreement.If one Univrsity submit a request for the revise of the Agreement, - - - -

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    The agreement signed by both parties after the formal conclusion of the entry into force, effective and academic exchange agreements during the synchronization. University made a party to an agreement if the amendment request, the University of agreement by the two procedures can be corrected. University can be either a written declaration in the six months prior to termination of this Agreement.

    13. Even if the agreement expired, in accordance with the provisions of an agreement of exchange students in school during the two universities should provide the support required.

    14. This Agreement shall be available in Japanese, Chinese, two versions, and with two versions of the same effect.

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