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How do you treat a friend who asks for too many favors?

I have a friend who asks for alot of she asks for favors way more than I ask her for favors. Things like...can I work for her, can I get her a bottle of liquor with my ID (she is over 21), can I go to the store and get a cake and balloons cuz its her friends birthday and she cant leave work. I have alot more reaponsibilities in my life than she does so I do not always have time to help her with things. Like now she is asking me to get in a cab and get a cake and balloons because its her friends birthday at work and they wont let her leave work. I told her...ask the boss again, I can't leave my house right now. She said "Can u do it later than?" I dunno I feel so uncomfortable saying no because technically, I CAN do it. I dunno what to do....What should I do?


another thing...she had a friend in town for a month and when my friend was working she would ask me to hang out with her friend to entertain her while she was at work. THis i dont understand, because I tried to ask the girl to come out and she was always saying she was too tired. The girl didnt even want to hango uout!

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    Tell her your to busy and she needs to plan ahead.Eventually she will stop asking- she is taking advantage of you.

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    If she is sincere as a friend, you should be able to say no without a bunch of alternative choices like; "What about later or you just have to!" Your being played for a gopher if the answer is even close to maybe. Just say NO and mean it. Let the little voice in the back of you head ask you "What's in it for me?" and if you have any guts, let it come out of you mouth just once and she'll get the idea. If you don't cut to the chase, you might just as well put a stick up your butt and call yourself sucker. Good luck.

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    Sounds like your in the friend zone and getting it worked...or if ur a girl, just getting it worked...

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    tell them they asking for too much

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