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what is a good speech topic?

i have to write a speech for english... about anything we like... but apparently it has to capture the audience... i'm in year seven and i need a topic?? anyone help???

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    Give a speech about something you love to do and give a demonstration of you actually doing it

    for instance:

    Let's say you love to decorate a cakes

    take a sample cake in and decorate it right there in front of the class, show all the steps it takes and materials you need, you could take suggestions from the class how to decorate it (this way they are involved in the action), then (with your teachers permission) after your speech serve the cake

    that's just an example of course you dont really HAVE to do that but that's something i think would be cool to do.

    good luck

    and pick something you know alot about, the more you know about the easier it will be to talk about it and write about it.

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    It helps if it is something you feel passionately about. Maybe how so much importance is placed on how we look that many people are developing eating disorders. Or maybe how fast food and a lack of exercise is causing an epidemic of childhood obesity. Do you feel passionate about the pollution of our oceans, environmental issues, global warming? Are you angry about the Japenese continuing to hunt whales even though it is illegal, and the animals are on the brink of extinction?

    Something that is sure to capture the audience's attention would be the issue of school uniforms. Do you think they serve the purpose, or are they placing too much restriction on student's freedom of expression? Do they save the families money, or place an added expense on already stretched budgets? How about school lunches? Do they taste good, and offer healthy choices?

    The topics are endless. Anything that you feel is an issue can be made into a speech. Go with your heart. Good luck!

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