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Quality Chef's Knife and Knife Roll?

I am an aspiring Chef who is about to attend culinary school. The school does not provide a chef's knife or knife roll. I do not know whether I will need only a ten inch chef's knife or a full knife roll - I will find out Monday - but in the meantime I am doing some research. I do not have a ton of money to spend on knives, so - to the culinary professionals out there, what do you recommend? I would like a German steel, but am not closed to Japanese steel if the price is right. Naturally I am looking for something that *you* would use, something that will need to survive the rigors of the professional culinary world as opposed to just my regular kitchen knives; however, as stated, I just don't have 200 bucks to drop on a knife even if it will last thirty years. =P

Thanks so much in advance!


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    You really should begin with just a standard set of knives. I started out with a couple of Henkells basic chef knives. During my courses, the Instructors had a sales rep come in for students to look at knives and we were able to purchase some through him.

    At this point, I knew a little more of what I wanted, and was able to see what some of the other students and instructors were using.

    I then purchased some Victorinox Swiss chef knives, and I still use them to this day.

    Don't purchase anything until you have spoken with your instructors, or former students.

    Also, check the bulletin board at school. Some students who have decided to not complete their course may be selling their equipment, and you may find a good deal.

    On another note, I would purchase a proper knife case and not a roll.

    If you attend any Culinary competitions or shows through school, you will not be able to take your knives on a plane with you. They are required to be checked in with your luggage.

    Do your research before spending any money.

    Remember, the best of chefs don't always need expensive equipment, just a professional attitude and a good outlook. Good Luck.

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    I use Forschners (Im a meat cutter, but we all need good knives, right?). You might want to try finding them on Ebay but I got mine at a restaurant supply store.I got a 10in steak knife for $55 which was pretty cheap after I told them where I worked and what I did for a living (they gave a discount).

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